View all the friendly felines available for adoption at the New Hampshire SPCA. Whether you are looking for a lap warmer to snuggle up with or a playful, curious kitty to stalk feather toys, we’ll help you find the purr-fect companion.

All our adoptable cats and kittens are ready for a lifetime of love!  All felines are spayed or neutered, microchipped and up to date on all vaccines appropriate for their age.

Our Adoptable Animals list is live and updates frequently. Animals are added daily. Please keep checking back!

Can’t Adopt But Still Want to Help?

As the winter months approach, far too many cats, dogs and other animals are abandoned — innocent creatures neglected by humans who promised to love them. Please, won’t you help come to their rescue by joining our 2018 Holiday Drive to Save Lives today?

Your holiday gift will be put to immediate use to help the hundreds of animals in our care right now.

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