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Uma Update: Happy Tail

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It's been quite a few months since Uma-- a dog near and dear to our hearts was finally adopted, after spending more than a year in our care. 

She watched as hundreds of other dogs were adopted and waited for the right person to give her a forever home. We are so happy to know that Uma has an amazing home now and is getting completely spoiled by her new mom! As her mom, Shelly has shared with us,  "We rescued each other. Her head is on my lap right now and she's snoring'. I love her so much!"

"Uma enjoying her afternoon nap on the couch. She's turned into a very outgoing, playful, happy puppy! I love her!"

"Here's one of her after dinner.....she loves the couch and my bed!"

"Took Uma back to her old stomping grounds for an emotional visit this morning.....My heart is sooo appreciative and full of love.....thank you for helping us find our way to each other!!!"

We have many animals, just like Uma,  that have waiting for families for many, many months.  While we strive to make sure that every animal is given love, care and attention while they are here, nothing replaces a real home.   Please open your heart and give one of our longer term residents a chance! You won't regret it. 

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