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50 Animals Rescued from Suspected Neglect




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Stratham, NH – On Thursday, June 1, 2017, the Field Services Division of the New Hampshire SPCA assisted a Police department in Northwesterly NH responding to a complaint of animal cruelty and conducted an investigation on the property.

The total number of animals rescued was 50, consisting of 2 horses, a mother dog and her 4 puppies, 27 rabbits and 15 guinea pigs. All of the animals are now safe at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham and will need their condition evaluated by a veterinarian.


The animals were living in overcrowded, filthy conditions and the veterinarian on site ordered the horses and the dogs removed immediately. The rabbits and guinea pigs have been surrendered by the owners at the behest of the police department to dramatically reduce the number of animals in their breeding facility. The New Hampshire SPCA expects to return to the facility this week to remove 1 more horse that was unable to be captured as well as more rabbits and guinea pigs.

The owners of the animals are cooperating with authorities, but are expected to face animal neglect charges.

While the condition of all the animals is yet to be fully understood, we believe the dogs are suffering from worms, the two horses appear underweight and have not had proper hoof care. One has a condition that we are told she was born with that might have been corrected if medical treatment had been provided. She appears to walk on her toes and with a limp. We hope that with ongoing proper hoof care, she may be able to improve. The rabbits and guinea pigs were filthy upon arrival and some were suffering from urine burns on their paws.

“It is always devastating to see animals that were entrusted to the care of humans and those humans failed to provide it,” said Lisa Dennison, Executive Director of the New Hampshire SPCA. “These animals have suffered the at the hands of humans seeking to make a profit from their offspring. Thankfully, the New Hampshire SPCA is willing and able to help the police to save the animals. They will now begin their slow road to recovery and we will do what is needed to make them whole again and find them homes. For some of them, it may be just time and a healthy diet, others will need more, vaccinations, treatments, veterinary care, farrier care we just don’t know the extent of it yet.”

The New Hampshire SPCA is asking for the public’s assistance in caring for this new group of rescued animals. If you would like to help with the cost of care and to help ensure their recovery, please make a tax-deductible contribution to the SOS FUND by going to www.nhspca.org. A direct link to the SOS Fund is https://www.classy.org/checkout/donation?eid=12749...

Gifts to the SOS Fund can also be made by phone at 603-772-2921 x102 or by mail: New Hampshire SPCA, PO Box 196, Stratham, NH 03885.

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