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A Forever Flock

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We are proud to be a safe haven for more than just cats and dogs, recently we rescued a large bird from a lifetime of sadness and neglect.  Meisha the Cockatoo came to us in such distress, nearly bald from plucking her own feathers. Meisha was quiet and reserved at the shelter, tending to perch in the farthest corner, no matter how much we interacted with her.   But last week, after months in our care, she found her forever flock! We knew immediately that this was a special match, as we had never seen Meisha so animated and vocal.  It was heartwarming to witness her happy dance in response to her new dad's whistle. 

We received a nice note from her new family a few days after she went home: 

"She's all settled in and doing awesome! No feather plucking and no hissing, just lots of love and chitter chatter. She loves to play peekaboo! If you say "where's Meisha?" She ducks down and hides her head a little then when you say "peekaboo" she pops her head up and shows her beautiful crown. Absolutely loves our chickens outside her window, I think her feathers will be back soon and she'll be talking in no time! So happy my husband and I are able to help."

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Hundreds of lost, sick and abandoned animals will turn to the New Hampshire SPCA in the coming months. Your gift will help us respond immediately to their most urgent needs. 

Give now to help give second chances to deserving animals like Meisha. 

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