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Car Safety for Dogs

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Buckle up! It’s time to hit the road and see all the summer sights. When you get into your car, what’s the first thing you do? Secure your child into the car seat? Buckle your seatbelt? While many may not realize it but your dog needs the same protection in a vehicle as you do.

According to a 2015-2016 study done by the American Pet Products Association, only 16% of people restrain their pets while traveling in the car but 83% of people said they know it would be safer if they did. With 84% of people taking their dog on a car trip, it’s easy to see why pet car restraints are so critical in the rare case of an accident or short stop. 

Here are some products to help your pup stay safe when you travel!


Barriers are a great way to restrict your dog from coming into the front seat when you’re driving or distracting you from the road. This keeps you safe and your dog safe as well. It also protects your pup from flying forward in the case of a sudden stop or accident.

Booster Seats

The perfect way to keep smaller dogs in the seat and out of your lap! Most dogs love to look out the window of a car, and that sometimes means your lap is the platform. This can cause danger to you and your dog. With a booster seat and harness attachment, your small dog can enjoy the view while giving you the freedom to drive safely.

Car Harness and Seatbelts

For bigger dogs that enjoy sitting in the backseat, a car harness and/or seatbelt tether is the best way to prevent them from jumping around during travel. Check out this harness from Kurgo, which has been crash tested and provides a comfortable fit! 

Hydration Products

Make sure when traveling with a pet to always provide a hydration station. Collapsible water bowls are essential on long road trips to ensure your pup will stay hydrated while traveling. Specifically during the summer months, the temperature of the inside of a car can be much higher than the outside temperature. Remember to always bring plenty of water for your pet and never leave them in a hot car. 

Now that you are ready to hit the road safely, check out our list of top dog-friendly destinations on the seacoast! 

All photos provided by Kurgo.com.  Find more pet products and dog travel tips at kurgo.com

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