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Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

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We're ready to help. Animals impacted by Hurricane Irma have begun to arrive at our shelter. 

Dear Friends and Supporters: 

It has been a very difficult couple of weeks as we have witnessed some of the worst natural disasters ever, and hitting back to back. We have been concerned about the people and animals in harm's way and how we might be able to provide support to those affected.

As both a responding organization and an Emergency Placement Partner, we have been in communication with many of the national organizations on the ground and have been preparing for when the requests for direct support would arrive.

On Sunday, we received the first group of animals from Florida which were relocated prior to the storm impacting transportation efforts. These animals were already in Florida shelters and transporting them out made space for pets that would soon be displaced by Hurricane Irma. They were flown into the northeast and transported to NH. This process of removing animals already in shelters or at rescues increases the number of safe places that displaced animals can ride out the dangerous storm and aftermath, thus improving the chance of families affected by the storms to be reunited with their beloved pets. It may be all they have left.

Just three of the cats we've rescued from Florida this week- more cats and dogs arriving tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will participate in another transport out of Florida and will continue to provide shelter to the animals affected as long as needed and as often as possible.

Transferring in pets from affected organizations allows those organizations to focus their efforts on sheltering and reuniting pets lost in the storm with their families. Great Bay Kennels in Durham, NH is partnering with us to provide quarantine space, expanding our ability to save more. We are truly grateful for their assistance and support. 

We will also deploy staff and trained volunteers when we are requested to by the organizations leading the recovery efforts. This planned mobilization will help ensure the most efficient and effective response and we will provide whatever assistance needed, as we are able. 

As you consider options for helping the animals in the affected regions, consider how you can have the biggest impact. While it may seem best to send supplies, in disaster recovery situations, financial contributions are more helpful.They allow each organization to purchase exactly the supplies needed without having to respond to and store an influx of donations that may not be useful in their recovery efforts.

If you are able to open your home to help a pet, please consider adopting one of our wonderful animals here. You will be helping the pets, the shelters they came from, and also make room for other animals affected by the hurricane and from overcrowded shelters.

We are truly grateful for your continued support for every animal in our care and for helping us help those affected by this current crisis.

On behalf of the animals,

Lisa Dennison
Executive Director

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