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Keep Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season

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Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday

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With the temperatures dropping and snow ready to fall any minute, it’s time to get ready for the holiday season! All the holiday parties, decorations and meals are what make this time of year so special but it’s important to remember that tinsel, mistletoe and even your tree can be a danger to your pets.

Here are some tips on keeping your pets safe and happy this holiday season:

Forgo The Sweet Treats

Those delicious holiday cookies may be perfect for Santa, but for your pet, they could cause serious health issues. While it may be tempting to offer a bite to those adorable puppy eyes, treats such as pumpkin pie and cookies can have deadly effects on your pet’s digestive system. Certain spices and ingredients used in these popular desserts can cause seizures and nervous system damage, so beware of sharing with your pet.

Other foods that may seem tempting to offer your pet but in reality could harm them; bones from the holiday turkey or alcohol beverages. Bones, especially if they’re brittle, can get stuck in a pet’s intestines, while alcohol can cause nausea and stomach issues.

Beware of Decoration Destruction

Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree is a wonderful tradition, hanging the lights creates a cozy atmosphere but all these new additions to your home may confuse your pets. Streams of tinsel may appear as a new toy for your cat or electrical cords may be something new to chew for your dog. Glass ornaments can be especially hazardous as pets may try to knock them and broken glass is a danger for both you and your pet. When decorating, keep glass ornaments towards the top of your tree where pets can’t reach. Electrical cords should be hidden as much as possible or taped where pets can’t chew them and potentially shock themselves.

Water from your Christmas tree can be toxic to pets, especially if chemicals are added to make it last longer. Be sure to keep a tight skirt around the bottom of your tree to ensure your thirsty pet doesn’t get sick.

House Rules

With the holidays come parties and new house guests. All the unfamiliar faces and new smells can be overwhelming for a pet. Providing your furry friend with a safe space with water and their bed is essential to making them feel comfortable. Another important tip is updating their information; microchip and identification tags. With new people entering the house, opportunities to escape become more frequent.

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