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Lost Pets

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Missing dog Portsmouth:

The dog's name is Tulip (see photo), she is a one year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, she went missing from her home on Dennet Street in Portsmouth on July 2nd, as of this posting she is still missing. 

Tulip is friendly but is scared or shy around new people. She was a stray that the owner picked up down south so she is used to living on her own. If you see Tulip, please do not chase her or call out to her. Also please refrain from searching the woods, while seemingly helpful, it is likely to push her out of the area, if she is still roaming the streets. Anyone with information can call 207-332-0860 with sightings.

If you have information but would like to remain anonymous, please call the New Hampshire SPCA Field Services Department at 603-772-2921 x 111 or email lostpets@nhspca.org


The public should be aware that it is illegal to keep a stray dog and not report it to the police department. Dogs are property under New Hampshire law and thus any found property must be reported to the police department that has jurisdiction where it was found. There is also a stolen dog law in New Hampshire; 466:42-a Stealing Dogs, etc. – Whoever wrongfully removes the collar from or steals a dog licensed and collared as aforesaid shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Our office recently investigated a stolen dog case in the Seacoast, the person who found the dog thought it was a stray and didn’t report it to the police department or the NHSPCA. She was caring for the dog for four days until we tracked her down through social media. The police department went to her house and reclaimed the dog from her, she had removed and changed the collar to a different one, the dog was returned to the owner that day. This is not the first, nor the last stolen dog case our office or the police will investigate. We have worked on several in the past, one case even involved crossing state lines from Massachusetts into New Hampshire. Eventually the suspect was tracked down, again using social media, and was charged out of Massachusetts for theft and possession of stolen property.

If you find a stray or lost dog, please contact your local police or animal control department.

The New Hampshire SPCA Field Services Department helps owners find their missing dogs through consultations, humane traps and field work when available. The Department is also responsible for investigating all cruelty complaints and working with law enforcement to investigate and rescue animals from cruelty or neglect. Our department can be reached at 603-772-2921 x 111.

If you have lost your pet, please file a lost pet report here

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