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Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

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When I began working for the New Hampshire SPCA over 15 years ago, I was thankful to see that most people really do care for their animals and consider them part of their family. Unfortunately, some are often left with very little choice when a pet dies. A lot of pet owners that have their animals humanely euthanized leave the remains at their local vets’ office for disposal because they were not aware of the resources available to them such as Rolling Meadows Pet Cemetery

Rolling Meadows is a wonderful place of tribute located on Union Road in Stratham, NH. At the NHSPCA we know that losing a pet can create a tremendous void, and we are grateful to be able to provide a peaceful place where our furry friends can be remembered.  The cemetery grounds welcome visitors with decorative gardens and a feeling of serenity. Guests and pets are welcome seven days a week.

The Rolling Meadows Pet Cemetery was established in 1989 and is maintained by the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The cemetery was given in loving memory of Ronald Knights by his parents, Clarence and Ethyl Knights, and is dedicated to the companionship and unconditional love shown by our cherished animal friends.

Polly’s Garden is a beautiful cremation garden located within Rolling Meadows. Trees, benches and flowering plants make Polly’s Garden a wonderful place for a beloved pet to rest and for their loved ones to come visit. Some guests even choose to bring lunch and enjoy the peace and silence of the cemetery. This cremation garden was given by Mary Jane Kilian, an NHSPCA board member from 1993-2001, in memory of her beloved Kerry Blue Terrier.

It has been my honor to assist families in making decisions for their pets in their time of grief; helping them decide if they wish to have a burial or cremation and seeing that their pet is handled with dignity and professionalism until being placed at rest.

There are several options available at Rolling Meadows Pet Cemetery, each designed to respectfully meet individual needs. Headstones can be acquired for your burial plot with your pets name and date of birth and death. Burials are handled with the utmost respect for the animals and family. Pets are entombed in a casket and families can choose to bring mementos to place inside the casket with their pet. Some choose to bring the pets’ favorite blanket, or a ball the pet loved to play with. Others choose to place photographs or other mementos inside the casket before it is sealed.

We offer a ceremony with a short prayer followed by a reading of the Rainbow Bridge or other favorite verse the family may choose prior to burial. The NHSPCA also offers cremations and the owner can decide if they want the remains returned to them or buried at Polly’s Garden.

My wife and I have four dogs buried at Rolling Meadows and I know for me, it is comforting to see they are placed somewhere that we can still visit with them for our own piece of mind. Everyone deals with the passing of a family pet in their own way. For those that find it comforting, Rolling Meadows is an affordable alternative to your own backyard.

Please call me, Steven Sprowl, at the NHSPCA to inquire about Rolling Meadows Pet Cemetery or Polly’s Garden and the services we offer to assist you at the time of your loss. I can be reached at 603-772-2921 ext. 111

Another lovely way to honor the life of a treasured pet, is to help save another. Make a gift to the homeless animals  in memory of your beloved pet here

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