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Sidecar Stanley Rides Again for the Animals

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There is a new name rising to the top in motorcycle circles and that name is Sidecar Stanley. Who better to debunk the myth of motorcycle riding being only for hard core, ‘bad to the bone’ types, than a Golden Retriever with his own biker jacket, furry bomber hat and goggles.

Sidecar Stanely  Sidecar Stanley Rides for NHSPCA

For more than eight years, Sidecar Stanley has been constantly spreading his handsome smile and cheerful personality to people all around the East Coast. He travels to bike weeks, has been on the cover of magazines including Easy Rider, and has brought joy to the hearts of many.

When Stanley was 10 months old, his owners Rick and Kathy Augustine realized that instead of leaving him behind when they went riding, why not just bring him along! Of course, there was some safety preparation and training involved but before he knew it, Stanley was hitting the open road. Rick remembers Stanley taking to the sidecar right away, even though the goggles took some coaxing (and lots of Cheerios for reward) but now he loves them.

There are many ways to describe the phenomenon that is Sidecar Stanley but as Rick states “one of the most descriptive is the ‘Circle of Smiles’ that follows him around.” How could a dog sitting in a sidecar with goggles and a jacket not bring a smile to your face?

Stanley and Rick are veterans of the charity ride circle, participating in the NHSPCA’s Charity Motorcycle Ride multiple times (they have been the 2nd highest fundraisers in the past two years!), riding in the Memorial Day and Toys for Tots Christmas parade and so many more. Stanley and Rick have been stopped on the street for pictures but sometimes it’s just to say thank you for brightening someone’s day. The duo rides every season of the year, from the summer months through the cold of winter and Stanley loves it all. As Rick says, “the only complaint comes if the ride is not long enough, then he will not get out of the sidecar.”

Register to Ride and Save Lives!

Join Sidecar Stanley and many others during the New Hampshire SPCA’s Charity Motorcycle ride on Sunday, September 17. For more information and to register check out our event page here

SAFETY FIRST! If you are thinking about having your furry friend accompany you on your ride, be sure to take all necessary safety steps before buckling them in. Harnesses and goggles are just some of the equipment that you will need in order to ensure your dog will be safe by your side. There are many informative books and DVDs on how to train your dog to feel comfortable in a sidecar, so please do your research or seek help from a professional trainer before Fido joins you on your journey!

Looking for other fun activities to do this summer? Check out our events page for other fun ways to support the animals. 

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