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UPDATE: From Meat Farm to Forever Home

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On May 10, 2016 the New Hampshire SPCA took in 5 dogs rescued from a South Korean Meat Farm.  The five rescued included two Samoyeds, two Huskies and one Korean Jindo. Upon their arrival, they were completely shut down, fearful of everything and completely unable to bring themselves to even leave their crate. We were told that they had never touched solid ground, or been afforded any kind of compassion. We knew they would take some time before they became the companion animals that they were meant to be and we knew that we had the patience to help them get there. Read on for a first-hand account by Kelly Marinel, NHSPCA Adoption Counsleor of their new lives, so far.

The whole experience of taking dogs from a meat farm on the other side of the world has been truly eye opening. I’ve dealt with shy, fearful, abused, and neglected dogs before but I’ve never seen anything like this before. I can’t even imagine the horrors they went through. I wonder if they were someone’s beloved pet at some point before arriving at the meat farm, or if they were born there and that life is the only life they have ever known. One thing I feel sure about, they deserve this chance at a good life, knowing love and kindness. They are going to need a lot of patience.  My heart breaks knowing the fear that they suffered and still feel. But seeing the progress they have made so far, and continue to make shows that they can and will overcome. I am very proud to be part of this work and so grateful to our community for supporting the animals at the NHSPCA.


Robin is small and adorable. She is the Korean Jindo. While still very anxious we have certainly seen a big change in her since day 1. She will take treats from our hands (her favorite is roast beef), and she is getting braver each day. Last week she went to her new home – it has been amazing to see her progress and hear updates from her new family. She is living with a very patient family who also has another Jindo. They have been providing special training for her and she is settling right in. According to her adopters, “Her favorite things in the world are the pine cones in their yard. She has been taking them in her mouth and rolling on her back in the grass--pure pleasure!” What a long way this little girl has come already!

Taylor – Today, Taylor looks like a different dog now that her eyes lids are corrected, and she must be more comfortable. She still looks to her pal Felice and while they do get to spend a lot of time together we do make sure they get one on one time to help them get used to people too. She needed eye meds after her surgery, so we have had to force her out of her comfort zone a little early. But I've been trying to sit with her and pet her and the fact that she is taking chicken while I'm sitting with her is a good sign. She is so sweet, it is heartbreaking to see how scared she is and how she flinches by gentle touch. But now that we are sitting with her more, she is pacing less and settling down and even lies down next to me. She and Felice have adjusted to going outside and enjoy splashing in the kiddie pool.

Mr. Heidi is the largest of the five and the only male. The last few weeks has been a joy to watch him. He and Dalal often go outside together and have had time to play. He seems to want to be around people, when we are outside he eagerly comes over to explore. He is close to being on leash. He’s begun playing with toys, his scared/nervous bark is less frequent and has been replaced by a demand bark which shows he wants something from us. We will continue to work on touch and slowly hooking him up on leash. He too, is making great progress.

Felice has had small breakthroughs of her own. I've noticed her following me when I walk back and forth cleaning. She will take treats and we are getting her used to us sitting in the kennel with her. It has been wonderful to see her run and play and splash in the pool with Taylor.

Dalal remains our class clown. She's all wiggly with tail wagging at the front of her kennel when we come in. She bounces out and play bows to us. She picks up toys, and she picks up things that are not toys! But she is still hesitant to any touch or petting. We can hook up her leash and are slowly getting her used to having it on. Soon we hope she’ll be enjoying daily walks along with her playtime in the pen.  

To read the full background story read our Summer 2016 Newsletter here! 

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