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​Why Should You Take The Plunge?

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Jen Frey Doggie Paddle Plunge

The thought of jumping in the ocean in the middle of winter may not sound appealing to most but to some people, it’s worth it for the cause.

Jen Frey has been a Doggie Paddle ‘Plunger’ since the beginning. This will be her 8th year diving into the frigid Atlantic for the animals. Why, you may ask, would someone continue to do such a crazy thing? For Jen, the answer has always been easy. “Animal welfare is my passion and I'm always up for anything that can help support the animals while they wait for their new homes. Seeing the transformation of an animal who comes to the shelter afraid and alone and ends up leaving happy and loved with their new family, thanks to what the NHSPCA is able to provide, makes it an easy choice to sign up to plunge each year!”

This motivation and inspiration ‘plungers’ put forth with this event is astounding. Many return year after year for the same reason, to help the homeless animals. A large part of this event is the individual fundraising that takes place. Teams and individuals post registration, begin fundraising for their page. Now, the idea of asking friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers for money can be daunting. The key, Jen has found, is asking closer to the event date. “I find that asking a week or two prior to the plunge, rather than too far in advance, encourages people to make a donation right then.” Another helpful tip is explaining to people WHY the cause is important to you. Why does this cause mean so much and why should they donate? Even if jumping into the freezing ocean isn’t on their agenda, supporting you for a cause you’re passionate about can be just as important.

The Plunge is a unique event that challenges people but it also creates an environment of teamwork. The atmosphere is like no other; with people waiting by the beach to run together into the ocean and complete their journey. As Jen describes it, “being freezing cold for a few seconds is a small price to pay…and you will be warmed on the inside knowing you helped so many homeless animals!”

The funds raised from this event go towards medical care, toys, a warm bed, food and so much more for the animals awaiting their forever homes. Every dollar counts and we hope to make this year the most successful one yet! In the words of Jen Frey, “if you’re thinking of Plunging, be brave!”

Jumping in the ocean not for you? Support a Plunger here! http://nhspca.org/doggie-paddle-plunge/

See all the wonderful animals available for adoption here http://nhspca.org/adoptable-animals/

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