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Difficult Dog Classes

  • Grumpy Graduates Class
    Grumpy Graduates Class
    Is your Grumpy Growlies dog still in need of a bit of an attitude adjustment? Maybe they’re on the path to success but you’d like to have more opportunities to work them in a controlled...

  • Grumpy Growlies Class
    Grumpy Growlies Class
      If your dog is reactive to everything and has something to say about every dog, person, truck, bicycle, or other stimuli out on walks or in the home, this is the class for you! Learn the difference between...

  • Confident Canine
    Confident Canine
        Does your dog seem frightened of the world around them?  Or maybe it’s just strangers or new situations, the vacuum cleaner or loud noises? Or maybe they’re just a bit timid in general?...

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