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Disaster Preparedness

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Pet Disaster Preparedness
Recent events suggest that snow storms, power outages, flooding and hurricanes may not be the only disasters we need to plan for. The threat of terrorist acts and war is very real.  In times of disaster it is estimated that more than 70% of people that are evacuated in the event of a disaster; will not leave if they cannot take their beloved pets.
Traditionally pets are not allowed in disaster shelters so pet owners need to have a plan and they need to take their pets with them.
Leaving pets behind is not acceptable. No one can be sure of the length of time you will be gone and the cost of rescuing or rounding up domestic pets after a disaster can be astronomical.
The NHSPCA has organized a team of volunteers that are ready and willing to respond in the event of a disaster. This team of well trained volunteers are working hard to provide a plan for the entire seacoast region and be ready when disaster strikes by: 
  • Reducing the number of pets that get left behind in a disaster
  • Making sure community members are prepared when disaster strikes
  • Campaigning to allow pets in shelters -human shelters if and when evacuation is necessary

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