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Make A Donation!

  • Decorate a big box with animal pictures and place this box, with permission of the owner, in a store or public area. Make a sign that asks people to donate dog, cat, puppy, kitten, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, rat, parakeet and horse food to the NHSPCA. Safe pet toys such as Kongs are also much appreciated.

  • Check the NHSPCA website for the current wish list so that people can help the animals by donating food and supplies. Print out the list and post it in your school, library or a neighborhood location. You can offer to collect the donations and bring them to the NHSPCA.

  • Collect "PENNIES FOR PETS" or "DIMES FOR DOGGIES" through your school, neighborhood, library, Scout troop, local veterinarian’s office, etc. Go to the bank and ask for coin rolls or help from the bank to get the coins rolled. Drop off the coins at the NHSPCA with a note letting us know who organized this great project and who participated in helping the animals in this way. Let the NHSPCA staff know what you would like the money to go towards for the animals.

  • Have a yard sale to help the animals with your school, church, neighborhood, Scout troop or just a group of friends! Have everyone donate unused items and then sell them to raise money to donate to the NHSPCA.

  • Students who are ages 13-15 years old can donate their time by volunteering to be a Junior Volunteer. These students work in small groups with a NHSPCA staff person taking care of cats and kittens. There is usually a waiting list for this program. Contact the Humane Education Department at 772-2921, ext. 113 to put your name on the waiting list.

  • Make crafts or baked goodies to raise money for cat and dog food, medical supplies, animal toys, etc. The NHSPCA relies solely on donations to run our agency. After conducting a fund-raiser, students can arrange a tour of the shelter and designate what they would like their funds to go towards. 

  • When the weather is nice, have a car wash (or a doggie wash!) or a lemonade stand to raise money for the animals at the NHSPCA. Be sure to tell people what you are raising money for; most people want to help animals- just like you do!

  • Make safe toys for the animals at the NHSPCA Adoption Center. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even pet rats need to play! Research safe homemade pet toys on the internet to be sure no one gets hurt.

  • Help an elderly or sick neighbor or friend walk their dog and/or take care of their other pets. Donate this service; this may help someone to keep their pet at home and not have to give it up to a shelter.

  • Make dog biscuits, cat cookies or other homemade animal treats. Research recipes on the internet; be sure to note ingredients in case of allergies. Donate these to the animals at the NHSPCA or sell them and donate the money you make to help the animals.

  • Celebrate your next birthday by helping animals. Ask your friends and family for donations for the animals instead of yourself- you probably already have everything you need and the homeless animals can use your help! You can even have your party right here in the Humane Education classroom of the NHSPCA Learning Center. Check out party info on this website or pick up a brochure at our Adoption or Learning Center. Make your plans early because spots fill up quickly!


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