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Paws Walk 2018



1st Committee Meeting Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the NHSPCA Learning Center


What is Paws Walk…


Paws Walk is one of the New Hampshire SPCA’s most critical annual fundraising events.  With the goal of raising $125,000 to benefit the thousands of animals that will turn to our shelter in need this year, we enlist the help of the community in our largest grassroots effort to raise funds and awareness.  Paws Walk is a day-long event that features local vendors, cool animal demonstrations, fun crafts and activities, adoptable dogs, and a 1.5 mile trail walk through Stratham Hill Park for pets and people alike!  Registrants can be youth or adults, they sign up individually or as a team, and they can earn awesome prizes by fundraising.  Most importantly, registrants are tasked with creating a fundraising platform to share the mission of the New Hampshire SPCA with their network of family and friends to raise funds to continue the work of the shelter.  Through their platform they can have some fun for a cause near and dear to their heart and potentially encourage others to join in on the mission!  The more walkers registering and raising funds, the more we can do to help homeless animals in need.




What does the Committee do?

Each year the goal of Paws Walk is to raise the funds needed to support the continuation of our vision to find a safe and loving home for every animal, in any capacity needed.  It’s a large event with between 1,000-2,000 guests and nearly 500 walkers each year.  To continue to successfully reach our financial goal, as well as grow the event and make sure a fun time is had by all, we need help!  The Paws Walk Event Committee will focus primarily on four areas: Sponsorship Recruitment, Vendor Recruitment, Walker Recruitment, and Logistics.  Committee members can help with all four areas or focus on a specific area of interest. 

  • Sponsorship recruitment will involve reaching out to businesses to let them know the many benefits of sponsoring Paws Walk.  Sponsors help provide funds to defer the cost of hosting the event and receive tremendous philanthropic marketing targeted for our very loyal, animal loving community.
  • Vendor recruitment will involve reaching out to businesses to let them know the many benefits of participating in Paws Walk on the day of the event.  Vendors give the event a festival style atmosphere providing food, entertainment, goods and services for the Paws Walk participants.  Vendors have the great opportunity to be at the event, interacting with the crowd, and sharing their support for animal welfare with potential future customers. 
  • Walker Recruitment involves reaching out to community members in various ways to let them know about Paws Walk and encouraging them to “Come, Walk, and Save Lives!” Paws Walk is a peer-to-peer event that relies on individuals registering to participate, encouraging others to do the same, and raising funds for animal welfare within their network so that even the smallest donation can be mighty because it’s added to the support of many.  Paws Walk is dependent on the notion that “many hands make light work.” Better yet, the more people involved the more fun the event will be because of the magnitude of the animal-loving camaraderie! 
  • Logistics involves making sure that each detail is planned to maximize fun and efficiency.  From parking, to activity coordination, to safety- the logistics crew makes sure it’s the smoothest event anyone has ever experienced.  

Why should you join the committee?

You should join the Paws Walk committee if you are passionate about animal welfare, if you want to make a difference in your community, and if you love fun!  Joining the Paws Walk Event Committee will be work, but it will reward you with measurable results, good work experience and joy.   

The Paws Walk Event Committee will hold their first meeting Wednesday, February 7 at 6:00 p.m. in the Learning Center of the NHSPCA.  Future committee meetings will be determined after discussion but will typically occur once every 2-3 weeks in the evening and may increase in frequency leading up to the event. 

For more information please contact Megan Bickford, Special Events and Sponsorship Manager, at mbickford@nhspca.org or 603-772-2921 ext. 105.      


Become a Vendor at Paws Walk 2018:  More info here





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