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Report Acts of Cruelty

"Should I report this?"

Are you uncomfortable with what you are seeing? If you are suspicious of what you have seen, please report it. You might be the animal's first witness. It never hurts to err on the side of caution. You might be saving lives!

"How do I report cruelty?"

If you witness an act of animal torture or abuse call your police immediately. In some cases you may have to leave information and have the city/town ACO or Police Department call you back. Not all towns are able to help in these types of situations.
If you know or suspect that an animal is being neglected or abused, you can report your information by calling our Field Services Department at 603-772-2921 ext. 111 or e-mail us at cruelty@nhspca.org. Any inquiries regarding suspected neglect or abuse is welcome. Your calls are confidential,however our agent will require information to receive a valid report.

What should I report?

You should be prepared to provide an address of the area in question or an accurate description of the area you witnessed. You should be prepared to provide the types and approximate number of animals in question and the time of day the observation was made. You will be asked to provide a description of the situation you witnessed, whether it included lack of shelter, lack of food and/or water, or underweight, unhealthy or injured or deceased animals.

Important Facts You Should Know

  • All domestic animals must be provided food, water, shelter, and proper veterinary care.
  • Abandonment, serious neglect, abuse, poisoning, and torture are all types of animal cruelty and can carry felony penalties in some cases.
  • Animals should not be left inside a vehicle for any amount of time during very hot or very cold weather. An animal left in a vehicle could be subject to extreme temperatures and die quickly.
  • It is against the law to carry loose dogs in the back of pickup trucks.

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