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  • Gather bags from local shops, grocery stores, etc. Draw and/or write messages about proper pet care. The bags can be given back to the stores to be distributed into the public to educate them about responsible pet care.

  • Create a list of the animal care agencies in the area. Research animal care options for cats, dogs, lost and found, wild animals and birds, 24 hour veterinary services, animal control situations, etc. Make a list of phone numbers to call for help with animals that are lost, found, hurt of being mistreated or who need homes. Distribute this list to students at schools and other interested people in your neighborhood. Form a neighborhood animal watch group.

  • Learn about and create a list of things to do to help animals, birds and insects, in your own backyard. Learn proper care of animals in emergency situations and post ways to help wildlife in your part of town. Design ways to keep your neighborhood free from litter and other hazardous materials that endanger animals. Make pictures of every animal living in your backyard and neighborhood. Learn about each one and its habits and habitat needs. Tell friends what you discovered.

  • Write or read a play about an animal getting lost and going to a shelter. Research all the hazards that cats, dogs and other pets face in the outdoors without human care. Design the costumes yourself! Faces can be painted with makeup or masks. Perform this play and educate the public about responsible pet care ownership. Videotape this performance to be shown elsewhere!

  • Help pet owners become aware of pet safety by making posters/flyers to put on their cars' windshield. A poster about summertime safety could be about not leaving their dog in a hot car. (Ask the NHSPCA for sample posters, such as DON'T PARK THE DOG.) Also, not leaving their dog in a cold car in the wintertime. Another poster or flyer could be to always have your pet wear an identification tag or to help the pet overpopulation problem - get your pet spayed or neutered. Inform people about the dog safety law that protects dogs when they are being transported in a pickup truck. Call the NHSPCA for details on this law. Ask permission to post these posters/flyers at your school and in your neighborhood.

  • Create a drawing, poem, song, true story about your pet or fictional story about a pet and responsible pet care and submit it for publication in the NHSPCA Newsletter.

  • Write about animals and the importance of taking proper care of them. Make up a song or commercial and perform it for the NHSPCA staff. Call Paula at 772-2921, ext. 113 for an appointment to do this.

  • Watch the video or read the book "Shiloh" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and have a discussion with your classmates, friends or family about wild animals being trapped for fur, hunting and hunting dogs, a dog owner's rights, proper outdoor dog shelters, the daily care and feeding of dogs, socialization and other ideas about pet ownership.

  • Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper about animal welfare and/or kindness to animals.

  • Decorate t-shirts with animal drawings and animal care messages. Wear it and/or give it as a gift to friends. Research proper pet care messages or ask the NHSPCA Humane Education staff for assistance.

  • Ask your school or public librarian for a space to create a display about animal care concerns. Use display boards and lay books out or stand them up about the issue you would like people to learn about. Put leaflets from the NHSPCA with the exhibit. Use magazines, videos, films and posters from the library.

  • Educate yourself about legal issues involving the treatment of animals. Write letters to political representative (local, state and federal) and local newspapers on issues that concern you about how animals are being treated.

  • Make posters about animal issues, like preventing cruelty to animals, overpopulation, lost pets, not testing on animals, ways to be a responsible pet owner, etc. post them in your school, library, town office or church.


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