Donor Recognition Opportunities

All naming opportunities begin at $100,000, please contact us with any questions or interest.

Indoor Arena

The indoor arena will include stalls, turnouts, and a paddock area for horses. The large space will also accommodate dog training.

New Barn

This brand-new barn will provide 8 stalls and turnouts that is essential for the health, safety, and well-being for the equine in our care.


Facilities Garage

The new facilities garage at the 108 property will be the main space for support materials and equipment. Having a dedicated space will ensure consistent, effective maintenance for our grounds and transport vehicles.

Dog Quarantine Space

New quarantine space is imperative to accepting more animals. This space will offer greater flexibility to ensure there is not cross contamination between quarantined animals and the current animal population.

Paddock (South West-A)

This Paddock is located on the new property to the southwest of the campus adjacent to the arena.


Paddock (South West-B)

 This Paddock is located on the new property to the southwest of the campus adjacent to the arena.

Dog Play Yards

These two dog play yards are located on the south east side of the campus, It is a dedicated fenced outdoor space providing additional enrichment and agility opportunities for shelter dogs, including off-leash animal-human interaction and dog play groups

Cruelty Investigator Chair

The Cruelty Investigator’s position was New Hampshire SPCA’s first staff role in 1872. It will become known as The [donor’s name] Cruelty Investigator Chair at New Hampshire SPCA.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the New Hampshire SPCA launching a campaign?

    Higher demand and new challenges are impacting our ability to meet our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and adopting all animals in need. These challenges include higher numbers of equine surrender and adoptions, greater local demand for adoptable animals, pressing need for humane education in our communities, higher costs associated with animal medical care, and infrastructure issues. To address these challenges and to ensure financial sustainability, we must expand our facilities and grow our endowment.

  • How was the financial goal determined?

    The financial goal was established by the change makers and their initial investments, as well as the needs of the agency and what is required to fulfill our vision.

  • What is the timeline for the campaign?

    The campaign will occur from 2017 to 2021. The quiet phase of the campaign began on February 1, 2017. The public phase of the campaign depends on the timing of leadership and major gifts, but the estimated public announcement is scheduled for early 2019. The New Hampshire SPCA will be actively soliciting donors for three years between 2017 and 2019

  • What are the campaign priorities?

    Three primary initiatives will scale up our impact for animals in need:

    • Expanding and renovating the current facility, achieving greater efficiency and providing enhanced services
    • Building an arena for equine rehabilitation and training, as well as a publicly facing low cost animal wellness clinic
    • Growing the organization’s endowment to ensure future financial stability
  • Have there been other campaigns?

    Yes. There is a long history of generous philanthropy at New Hampshire SPCA, which has allowed the organization to have an incredible impact within the communities it serves. The most recent campaign ended in 2000 and raised $3.2 million to support programs and facilities.

  • What is an endowment?

    The endowment is a permanent fund from which only earned income is spent; the principal is invested under the guidance of organizational leadership and investment experts. The return from the investment of this money may be used to cover gaps in the annual operating budget or to support designated activities.

  • What is the benefit of increasing the endowment?

    In addition to ensuring the financial stability and security of the organization, endowment funds provide relief for the general operating budget; and support the development of new programs and expansion of facilities.

  • Who will be asked to participate in the campaign?

    All supporters who have a prior relationship to New Hampshire SPCA, as well as people invested in animal welfare will be asked to invest in this important endeavor for organization. This includes, but is not limited to, volunteers, community stakeholders, and other annual supporters.

  • Can I designate my gift to a specific area/project?

    To ensure the strategic aims of the campaign are achieved, New Hampshire SPCA encourages supporters to make undesignated gifts in support of the whole campaign. This will provide the Board of Directors, Trustees, and staff leadership with the greatest flexibility in implementing priority and time-sensitive projects.

  • Are naming opportunities available?

    Yes. The New Hampshire SPCA developed a list of special naming opportunities to honor extraordinary commitments to the campaign. A full list of naming opportunities is available upon request.

  • How long do I have to make my pledge payments?

    The pledge period is 3-5 years. Annual payments may differ in amount; the organization will remain flexible to help donors make the most impactful gift possible.

  • I already support the New Hampshire SPCA with an annual gift. Why should I make a capital campaign gift, too?

    Annual donations help us with our day-to-day operations. This covers everything from basic needs such as electricity, heat, food, clean bedding; to the specialized needs of medications, surgery, special diets and much more. Gifts to the capital campaign provide funding to plan and develop the needs for the future, such as major renovations, expansion, new programs, and endowment growth. Capital gifts ensure we continue to meet changing demands and care standards for our animals, and our local community. All gifts support the organization and our mission, and both are incredibly important.


Initial Change Makers

Below are the individuals and companies that have made initial donations to support our efforts to change to accommodate the needs of our animals and our community.

Beverly Reynolds Giblin
Bonterra Farms
Mae Bradshaw and Burton Dibble, MD
CherylAnne Williams
Chinburg Properties
Crystal and Robert Span
David and Ann Brussard
David and Elizabeth Choate in Memory of Monty
Debra Weiss Ford and Family
Drs. Thomas and Sarah Oxnard
H. Alfred and Clarice M. Casassa
Helen Smith Brosseau
Hoffman Family Foundation
In memory of Asta, Nanuska, Harry, Sunday and Kara
In memory of Butch and Millie Coburn
In Memory of Ellen B. Gray
In Memory of Marian E. Rogers and Charles G. Hayes
Josephine Lamprey
Joshua and Sharon Scott in honor of Max and Riley
Julie Quinn and Michael Golay
Kathy and Marty Hall
Ken and Julie Hunt
Lisa Karakostas and Steve Nickologianes
Lou and Mary Gargiulo
MacDonald Family Foundation
Marilyn and Herb Sneiderman
Martha R Gurry in memory of Oakley

Maureen Carey and Riley
Michael J. Murphy CPA
Sam and Kate Biddle
Sea Dog Brewing Company
Stephen and Lynne Bottomley
Steve and Kathy Biedenbach
Steve Demarais – UBS
Thomas Haas and Karen Grover
The Estate of Alexandra R. Davis
The Estate of Betty Caslake
The Estate of Beverly Geister
The Estate of Brenda E. Carver
The Estate of Carolyn Congdon
The Estate of Doris L. Williams
The Estate of Dorothy G. Wheeler
The Estate of Helen A. Maslanka
The Estate of James Moore in honor of Pat Crawford
The Estate of Janet A. Eagleson
The Estate of Joan W. Dana
The Estate of Joanne W. Haines
The Estate of Josephine M. Weston
The Estate of Lewis C. Kotekas
The Estate of Mary Lou P. Homer
The Estate of Patricia Bennett
The Estate of Ralph A. Champlin in honor of Janet Hadley Champlin
The Estate of Reginald R. Frost
The Perry and Madeline Garver Family Foundation
Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Hospital, Brentwood
Anonymous (26)

Questions about the Campaign?

We would love to answer any questions you may have, or arrange for a tour to tell you more about our vision for the future.

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