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Jo Lamprey, former board president and current trustee, has once again stepped forward with an amazing $25,000 Matching Gift! She hopes to inspire supporters like you to help even more animals like Rudy.

We hope you will seize this opportunity by our deadline of October 31 because the timing is critical. Right now, our shelter is filled with abandoned and neglected animals. Every dollar you give will be doubled — providing twice as much lifesaving care for vulnerable animals . . . like Rudy.

Our hearts skipped a collective beat when Rudy was dropped at our doorstep. Covered in a case of mange so severe, he barely had any fur left on his body. He walked meekly to our medical exam room, his droopy eyes filled with such despair. Gently and carefully, we nursed him back to health. He received prescription food, medicine and special baths to help soothe his tender skin. Most importantly, his interactions with humans were filled with love. It took time, but slowly and surely he regained his health and learned to enjoy life again.

Today, he lives with a loving family and the trauma of his past life is forgotten.

You can help even more animals like Rudy. Give today and your donation will be matched dollar- for- dollar- up to $25,000! Please take advantage of this matching gift opportunity before it’s too late. 

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