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Jo Lamprey, former board president and current trustee, has once again stepped forward with an amazing $20,000 Matching Gift! She hopes to inspire supporters like you to help even more animals like Springer  & Autumn.

They were discovered locked in a cage living in their own filth. Local police called the New Hampshire SPCA and our rescue team went
to pick up the dogs. Our team rushed them to the shelter for immediate care.

Our veterinary team administered medicine for untreated ear infections, and trimmed their painfully overgrown nails. After we clipped away years of neglect from their coats, you could tell they felt so much better.  Now comfortable, and well fed  these little ones began to blossom in our care. They learned that humans are kind, and laps are a nice and safe place to curl up.

We’re so happy that Springer and Autumn  survived and had a happy ending. They both are thriving in their new homes. But every day, we care for so many other homeless animals just like Springer and Autumn. All these animals require different levels of care. While some may simply need vaccinations or basics like shelter and socialization, others need serious medical care and extended periods of rehabilitation. And while these animals heal and wait for adoption inour care, they have additional needs. This can really add up, which is why we need your help!

We depend on generous people like you — that’s why I’m urging you not to miss out on the opportunity to have your gift matched today.  Our Matching Gift opportunity ends on October 31, so please respond as soon as possible! Your gift will be DOUBLED to help twice as many animals.

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