To inspire your generosity, an animal lover just like you has offered to TRIPLE your gift to the homeless animals at the New Hampshire SPCA. Thanks to our kind hearted friend Richard, for the next 6 days, for each dollar you give, he will give $2 dollars more–up to $25,000! That’s three times the impact for homeless pets! But hurry — this opportunity ends October 17.
The truth is that every day we see many innocent pets who are terrified and confused, turning to us in need of love and lifesaving care. They’ve done nothing to deserve the neglect, abuse and unspeakable mistreatment they have faced. Show these vulnerable pets that they are deserving of better lives! Every dollar you give will now go three times as far to save lives.
 Your gift will go to immediate use to help animals like:
Poor Shinobe’s world has fallen apart a few times in his life. He was abused as a pup and then rescued–only to be surrendered a few years later when his family moved and couldn’t take him along. Thanks to your support, we can pick up the pieces of Shinobe’s life and care for him until he finds a family that will love him forever.
Charlie has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). He spent some time living on the streets and hasn’t had the easiest time adapting to life as housecat. He’s been waiting longer than some of our other kitties for a family because he needs to be the only pet, and it’s critical that he remain indoors. With your help, Charlie will get the socialization and care he needs to feel safe and happy while he waits for his ideal home

Maybel the draft mule suffered years of neglect before she was rescued. She was starved for both food and attention and has spent the last few months in our care soaking up all the love she was denied for so long. Thanks to your generosity, Maybel will continue to receive rehabilitation to heal her body and spirit and has a chance for a better future!

Without continued support from our friends, local animals like Shinobe, Charlie and Maybel are at risk of having no place to turn. Your gift today will help animals receive the loving and supportive care they need while they wait for loving homes. No matter how long it takes.

If made online today, your gift of $25 can become $75…A gift of $50 becomes $150. A gift of $100 becomes $300 to help shelter and protect innocent animals.
We hope you take advantage of this incredible opportunity to triple the impact of your gift. It is critical we receive your gift by Sunday, October 17 to ensure the animals receive this generous triple match. Together, we can transform the lives of animals in our community.