This month we launched an important project to find 50 new supporters to join our Faithful Friends monthly giving campaign.  Our Faithful Friends are so important to the animals at our shelter; in fact, they are the backbone that sustains our work!

Will you please join us?

It only takes a small amount to have a huge impact! For as little as 50¢ a day… that’s the cost of one cup of coffee a week, you could help feed and care for animals all year long. Can you imagine a better return on your investment?

When you sign up as a Faithful Friend your support will be used where it’s needed most—and right now, we have an ongoing need for prescription food for sick, injured or stressed animals.

For animals with sensitive tummies, allergies, liver, kidney or urinary issues, a consistent diet is crucial. Very often, veterinarian prescribed food is the quickest way to help them feel better. Unfortunately, this type of food isn’t something we can run to the grocery store to purchase; it can only be ordered with a veterinarian prescription. And it’s expensive.…especially when you add up the costs over the course of a year.  

With your recurring monthly gift, you’ll help ensure we have the resources to give every animal the best food and care they need to thrive!

  • $15 per month could help purchase prescription dry food for cats with urinary issues.
  • $25 per month could help purchase prescription food to help ease upset tummies and provide consistency and comfort to animals.
  • $35 per month could help purchase costly hypoallergenic food to treat serious allergies and painful skin conditions.

The average cost to feed an animal varies due to size, animal type, and medical condition–but our cost for one bag or one case of prescription food can range anywhere between $25-$55. Multiply that by the hundreds of animals that come to us every year with medical issues that can be helped immediately with a change in their diet, you can see how quickly the costs add up!

Will you become a Faithful Friend to the animals and join our compassionate group of monthly givers?

Join us now! 

YES, I want to provide the loyal monthly support the animals can depend on!