Private Consults

Does your dog have specific behavior issues you need one-on-one assistance with? Not sure about taking a class and want professional advice? The NHSPCA professional trainers can provide a private consult with you and your dog to get you started in the right direction and keep you on a steady path to training success. Consultations for specific behavior problems are available by appointment.

Register for Private Consult

We frequently receive requests for help in dog training. We recommend attending an obedience training class to learn in a positive environment with the opportunity for your dog to gain some social skills as well. Dog Obedience Classes can be a great way to bond with your dog! For those who are looking for some advice on specific training topics, here are some helpful training articles and other resources.

Cat Resources

We often receive requests for help with cat behavior problems. Our instructors have written a few articles on common questions about cats to help you address your kitty’s behavior issues at home.