The New Hampshire SPCA is a safety net for homeless horses and farm animals in NH.  As one of the few animal shelters equipped to take in large animals, our paddocks are always overflowing with horses in desperate need of help.  During the COVID- 19 crisis, we anticipate an even greater need for assistance for horse owners.  To avoid surrenders, we have developed the following  resources for those in need of short- term support due to COVID-19 related illness, financial instability or hardship.

COVID-19 Emergency Programs for Horse Owners

Emergency & Routine Veterinary Care:

  • ASPCA’s Vet Direct Program: can provide up to $600 worth of veterinary services per visit through equine veterinarian Dr. Rachel Roemer of Great Bay Equine
  • Can be applied to vaccinations, dental care, emergency visits, euthanasia and removal

Hay Support:

  • NHSPCA’s Hay Bank
  • Can provide up to 10 bales of first cut hay at a time

Feed Support:

  • NHSPCA’s Grain Voucher Program
  • Available through partnership with local feed distributor.
  • Can provide up to $75 worth of grain voucher

Please contact our Farm Animal Coordinator for an application at

Other Ongoing Resources for Assistance

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can have a tremendous financial impact on horses and farm animals, which are often the first species to suffer during times of economic crisis due to their size and cost of care.

To proactively respond to the crisis, we are excited to partner with our friends at, MSPCA Nevin’s Farm the Rhode Island SPCA, and the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals in forming the New England Equine Relief Network. Together, we hope to keep horse and farm animals with their people, who may be experiencing a temporary period of financial insecurity or family crisis.

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out.  Qualifying owners may request assistance with short term support for feed, hay, veterinary and farrier care.   By sharing resources, looking out for our neighbors and creatively supporting our communities along the way, we can lessen the impact of these challenging times on animals of all species.

For more information:

MSPCA- Nevins

Rhode Island SPCA

Maine State Society of the Protection of Animals

"I have six rescue horses and four of them came from the NHSPCA over the years. When I recently suffered a COVID 19 related pay cut, I reached out to them for help. The next day I received a grain coupon and picked up some bales of hay! The NHSPCA has always been there to support me and my horses through the fostering and adoption process and now in this difficult time they immediately helped with food when we needed it the most. Thank you for being there for our horses and for us too!

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Our shelter is a safety net for people and animals in crisis.  Help support the lifesaving work that continues daily at our shelter.  Your gift will be put to immediate use to help the animals through this uncertain time.  Your generosity ensures that at risk animals in our community get the help they need!

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