Our staff works with other humane organizations and the New Hampshire Federation of Humane Organizations to develop and strengthen legislation pertaining to companion animals throughout the state.   We view this work as part of our mission to eliminate animal cruelty and to be a leader in advancing the highest standards in animal welfare.

We believe that some of the greatest work that we can do is to encourage fellow animal lovers to work together to stop any form of animal abuse or neglect.  As an individual, you can make a difference by becoming informed of existing NH laws and the challenges that they present.   Once informed, you can choose to help us as we work to strengthen animal cruelty and neglect laws in our state.

How You Can Help:

  • Learn about proposed legislation that will improve conditions for animals.
  • Call and/or email your legislators. There are several critical times throughout the legislative session that outreach is tremendously important.  Please join our email list so that we can let you know when to contact your representatives in Concord.
  • Attend public hearings. One way to show you care is to show up!  Legislators have told us that seeing supporters at a hearing reminds them of their duty to represent.  At a public hearing, you can choose to testify, or submit written testimony, or just be there to sign in to designate your position.  Your presence makes a difference!

We invite you join our e-mail list to receive updates on legislation throughout the session.  Thank you for your passion for the welfare of animals.

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