Become a Faithful Friend by joining our compassionate group of monthly givers!

For as little as 50¢ a day… that’s the cost of one cup of coffee a week, you could help feed and care for animals all year long!

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Our Faithful Friends are so important to the animals at our shelter; in fact, they are the backbone that sustains our work!  And these generous folks are more than just kind, they are practical.  They know that giving monthly allows us to focus on rescuing animals by providing a reliable source of income to ensure we have the resources to give every animal food, shelter, medical care and the loving home they deserve.

When you support the vital work of the New Hampshire SPCA with a monthly commitment you will:

  • Save thousands of lives with just one easy click.  You’ll have the comfort of knowing you are helping animals in your community each and every month.
  • Make a larger impact.  It’s an affordable and convenient way to make a larger gift to the animals by spreading out your gift over 12 months.
  • Help us become even more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. Monthly donations mean less paperwork, postage and administration, making monthly giving one of the most cost- effective ways of helping the animals!

How it works:

Becoming a Faithful Friend is simple and easy!  Just pick the amount you would like to be billed to your credit card each month. At the end of the year, we will send you a gift summary of all the donations for the year and details of all the ways your support has helped us to save the lives of so many animals.  You decide how much to donate and for how long, and your contribution can be changed or canceled at any time.  

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Questions? Please contact Beth Seale at or at 603-772-2921 x 120


YES, I want to provide the loyal monthly support the animals can count on through every season.