My name is Steve Jones.  I am so excited about my new role as the Volunteer Coordinator here at the New Hampshire SPCA.   For years I have worked in the Food & Beverage industry. Most recently, I was as the Area Manager for Stilling Dining Hall at The University of New Hampshire. While there I oversaw a full time team of 30, and was also responsible for onboarding roughly 125 student employees each semester so that we could serve over 3,000 meals per day. Before my time at UNH, I was the Senior Food & Beverage Manager for The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH. There I had the pleasure of running the entire front of house operation and along with a coordinator, led the volunteer program of about 350 regular volunteers.

I am excited about working at the agency because animals have been in my life since the day I was born. It started with Shieba, the Border Collie that would try to hop into my crib while I was taking a nap. But it’s an old farm in Vermont that holds some of my strongest memories with animals. My family lived in the barn which had been converted into a condo, and in the winter months the owners of the farm traveled. My family would look after the animals while they were gone. I can still smell the sweetness of hay as I looked for eggs in the chicken coop; and I can hear the squelching sound from my boots as I trudged through mud and snow in the paddock to feed an old pony that lived in the back stable. Come spring, the owner’s would return with lambs and pigs that I played with and watched grow. We left the farm when I finished 4th grade, and as I’ve grown, I have since had birds, cats, hamsters and a few more dogs.

In my free time I enjoy cooking for friends and family (I try to at least put some use to the culinary degree that I have). I go camping or hiking at least a few times a year and when visiting my mother in Newfields, I spend as much time as I can with our 2 dogs; Murphy a 5 year old chocolate lab, and Remington or just Remi, who is a yellow lab/whippet mix.

The volunteers I have the pleasure of working with have inspired me with their kindness and dedication. I look forward to working with all the wonderful new volunteers at the New Hampshire SPCA as the volunteer program continues to grow!

Steve Jones can be reached at 603-772-2921 x 104 or at [email protected] 

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