If you’ve followed us on social media, chances are you remember the story of Lola… the shut-down calico that was in our care for 159 days. Lola was surrendered to us in September 2022 when her beloved owner passed away. Lola — having spent her entire life with someone who was her cherished companion and true sense of Home — was really, really struggling in the shelter environment.

When Valentine’s Day came around and we were trying to determine who to promote, Lola was the obvious choice… because man, would she hate knowing that we were sharing her story on the most romantic day of the year!

We marketed Lola as a Spirit Cat, which is a cat that wants to be treated more like your incredibly introverted roommate than your bubbly best bud. We knew she’d do best in a low-traffic home with plenty of hidey spots where here boundaries would be respected… which definitely limited her pool of potential adopters.

But, we knew Lola’s person was out there — we just had to find them.

The truth is, we didn’t really know how Lola would transition into a new home and there were lots of unanswered questions. All we knew was that the bustling shelter environment was doing this beautiful girl absolutely no favors… and as time went by, we could see her shutting down more and more.

Thankfully, Cupid was on Lola’s side on Valentine’s Day and really outdid himself with the matchmaking. Lola went home just two days later after waiting just over six months!

While she is still very introverted and doesn’t like to be pet, her incredibly lovely human, Christine, has found hands-off ways to connect with her. Lola can often be found in her cat tree, observing everything from a safe distance, and will sometimes play laser tag. Her favorite thing, though, is when Christine sings to her — Lola shows her appreciation by closing her eyes and drifting into a sweet slumber.

We are so thankful to have people within our community that have soft spots for animals that just need a little more — whether that’s medical attention, training, or, as in Lola’s case, patience and understanding.

“She is safe, well taken care of and loved,” wrote Christine. “That’s all that matters to me.”