Stratham, NH – On Friday, January 12, the Field Services Division of the New Hampshire SPCA assisted the Exeter NH Animal Control Officer in removing 21 abandoned animals from a home on Wanda Lane. The occupants had been evicted approximately 2 weeks prior and the animals were left behind without care.

The 10 cats, 5 rabbits, 3 gerbils, 1 guinea pig and 2 turtles were taken into protective custody and are being cared for by the New Hampshire SPCA. “When they arrived at the shelter, they were obviously very hungry,” said Steve Sprowl, Field Services Manager for the New Hampshire SPCA. “The cats and rabbits especially were drinking water like they hadn’t had it in days, or longer.”

The veterinarian that examined the animals said that they were thin; suffering from flea infestation and some had ear mites. The one guinea pig had to be humanely euthanized due to his extremely compromised condition.

Now in protective custody, these 20 animals join 32 dogs that are also here under those circumstances. The 31 German Shepherds from cases in Bristol and Alexandria New Hampshire will be here indefinitely while the court battle ensues over what is best for them. One young dog from another case is also here, awaiting an outcome of her case.

“I can’t remember a time in recent history that we’ve had this many animals under protective custody,” said Lisa Dennison, Executive Director of the New Hampshire SPCA. “While we will always find a way to care for the animals that need us, whether they are from Exeter, or as far away as Alexandria, it puts a tremendous financial stain on our resources. Fifty two animals that are here being fed, cared for, walked, cleaned up after, and kept healthy, require a great deal, both from our staff and our volunteers. But the hardest part is that we don’t know when there will be a chance for these animals to find a home. We do our very best to keep them happy and healthy, but a shelter is not a home. We are frustrated that cases involving “live evidence” which by law should be expedited, still linger on while the animals wait. We want to see these animals move on and begin living with a loving family as soon as possible.”

The New Hampshire SPCA is asking for the community’s assistance in caring for these 55 animals being held in protective custody. If you would like to help with the cost of care and to help ensure their recovery, please make a tax-deductible contribution to the SOS FUND by going to A direct link to the SOS Fund

Gifts to the SOS Fund can also be made by phone at 603-772-2921 x 102 or by mail: New Hampshire SPCA, PO Box 196, Stratham, NH 03885