Imagine being surrendered to a shelter as a 12-year-old cat because your family decided they didn’t have time to care for you anymore.  It’s not an ideal situation for any animal, let alone a senior pet with a fear of strangers. In fact, Rebecca hated her situation.

Hate, hate, hate, double hate, loathe entirely. 

Rebecca spent a lot of time alone, simply observing the happiness that surrounded her in her loving foster home. Being in the presence of humans would make Rebecca just tremble with fear. So, she would hide in the closet with a sour, Grinchy frown.   

Little did she know that her foster mom was willing to give her all the time and space she needed, and she was determined to make some progress with Rebecca.

She would talk to Rebecca softly. The noise, noise, noise, NOISE!

She would toss Rebecca treats. She would feast, feast, feast, FEAST!

Rebecca was cuddly as a cactus, but the more Rebecca observed, the more she realized that things were good in her foster home. Her mom would give her chin scratches with a wand and the treats just kept coming. She would see the other animals in her foster home being happy and loved, and she thought that if they could do it, so should she. With more time and patience, Rebecca’s foster mom was able to retire the wand and pet her with her hands – which Rebecca really enjoyed! So much so that she now comes running for pets whenever her foster mom calls. This journey of learning that she is worthy of love was simply transformative for this adorable little cat.

And what happened then? Well, at the NHSPCA they say, that little Rebecca’s heart grew three sizes that day!

We’re looking for a quiet, patient family that will want to continue building Rebecca’s confidence. If you have ever had a fearful pet, you know how rewarding earning their trust and love can be. Rebecca is no exception. Please help us find this girl a home in time for the holidays!

This little Grinch won’t steal your tree, gifts or roast beast… but she will steal your heart. 


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