Summer is in session, which means beach time, dog park play and more activities will become a part of you and your pup’s schedule. But what do you do when it’s just too hot outside? When it becomes unsafe to exercise your dog outside without risk of overheating or dehydration. Don’t fret! There are many different activities to keep your dog busy without the worry of heat dangers.

  1. Indoor Walks

If you find yourself traveling to hardware stores or certain shopping locations, chances are, they are dog friendly. Check in next time you visit to see if they allow dogs and if so, you have a cool place to take your furry friend! Outdoor restaurants are also a good option but make sure you are prepared with tools to clean up after your pet. It’s important to make the experience not only a positive one for you and your pet but for the business owner as well.

  1. Training Classes

If you’re looking to beat the heat but keep your high energy dog busy, try signing up for a training class or play group! Even if you feel your dog may not need training, the stimulation of the class will be a good boredom buster. If your dog doesn’t perform well in groups, try learning some new tricks at home. This will be a good bonding experience for you and your dog as well as helping to engage your dog’s mind. Check out our drop in playgroups and other fun dog training classes.

  1. Frozen Treats

A fun summertime activity that has a tasty reward is making frozen treats for your pup. There are plenty of dog friendly popsicle recipes but it’s important to read ingredients carefully to make sure they are safe for your pet to eat. This can create a fun game for your pet as they have to ‘work’ for their treat. Another great alternative is freezing your dog’s normal food. By adding a liquid such as chicken broth, you can use containers to mold the mixture and serve once frozen. A perfect way to cool down your dog while giving them something yummy at the same time!

  1. Interactive Games

If you find your dog becoming bored with the classic game of fetch, try puzzles or interactive toys that keep your dog busy indoors. There are many different types of puzzles toys and engaging feeders that not only allow your dog to engage their natural instincts but also can provide a calming effect.  A dog that is prone to stress induced barking or chewing would benefit from an entertaining distraction from outside stressors.  (Enrichment games  are critical for shelter dogs too, learn more about  the methods we use to keep our dogs happy and stress free while they wait for homes)  

  1. Water Games

A simple and easy way to cool your dog down in the summer heat is a kiddie pool! Having a kiddie pool in the backyard that you can quickly fill up offers your pup an immediate and fun way to cool down. Throw some of their favorite toys in and they’ll have a blast splashing around. If your dog isn’t comfortable around water, this is a great way to introduce them to it. Take it slow and be sure to reward your dog for getting their paws wet. Another option if you can’t accommodate a kiddie pool is giving your dog ice cubes as treats. It’ll keep them hydrated and cool them down at the same time.

The most important part of any activity, no matter the season, is safety. If there is any chance you’ll have to leave your dog in the car, leave them home. It may only be a quick run into the store for “just five minutes”, even with windows cracked temperatures can climb to over 100 degrees in minutes.


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