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Dog Sport Classes

  • Beginner Treibball
    Beginner Treibball
    Treibball is a dog sport that utilizes a dogs natural herding ability to 'herd' exercise balls into a soccer goal. No sheep required! Although this sport was geared toward herding breeds of dogs, any dog who is...

  • Continuing Nose Work
    Continuing Nose Work
    This 6 week class is for students who have completed the Intro to Nose Work class. During this session we will introduce a target odor and continue to build your dogs drive to hunt. Dogs not working will be crated...

  • Intro to K9 Nose Work
    Intro to K9 Nose Work
      K9 Nose Work is a dog sport that utilizes all dogs natural searching and hunting abilities. Inspired by working detection dogs, this fun sport teaches your dog to hunt for their favorite treat or toy among...

  • Intro to Agility
    Intro to Agility
    This class introduces your dog to agility obstacles at a Novice level using positive reinforcement, reward based training. Students learn some basic handling skills enabling them to boost their dog's attention and...

  • Agility Advanced Beginner
    Agility Advanced Beginner
    This class continues to build on your foundation work with agility obstacles. New and exciting handling skills are introduced such as front crosses, blind crosses and back crosses. This class adventures into longer...

  • Manner and Agility Combo
    Manner and Agility Combo
    Formerly called K9 Combo. For dogs 6 months and up! Basic manners and an introduction to the sport of agility! Using positive reinforcement methods and the wonderful sport of canine agility you and your companion...

  • Weaves Only
    Weaves Only
     Are you needing better performance on your weave poles? Faster time? Reliable entry? Distance? This class will focus on several approaches to teaching the weave poles from using a chute/channel method to 2x2s...

  • Agility Intermediate Class
    Agility Intermediate Class
    This class is for students who have completed Advanced Beginner agility. It addresses more difficult obstacle configurations such as serpentines, threadles, 360s, back sides of jumps, 270s, obstacle discriminations,...

  • Agility Competition Class
    Agility Competition Class
    Getting ready to compete with your dog in agility or already competing? This class builds on a strong foundation of skills already addressed in Beginner and Intermediate classes. Dog will be working on close to...

  • Intermed / Competition Agility
    Intermed / Competition Agility
    This class continues to build on your foundation work with agility obstacles. New and exciting handling skills are introduced. This class adventures into longer sequences and increased difficulty with angles and...

  • Rally Obedience
    Rally Obedience
      Rally obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O) is a dog sport based on obedience.  Unlike regular obedience, instead of waiting for the teachers orders, the...

  • Control Unleashed
    Control Unleashed
    Want to work on your dog’s “off leash” manners?  Do you have that pup that just can’t seem to focus around distractions? The Control Unleashed class is for you! In class and take home games will...

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