For years, studies have shown that the bond between pets and people can lower stress, increase fitness and bring happiness to their owners. It’s this meaningful bond that holds increased significance during a time of uncertainty and fear. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, there are many emotions that we are all feeling; anxiety, sadness, helplessness, loneliness are a few that come to mind.
But one thing continues to provide a source of comfort during this time – our pets! 
We know so many people rely on their pets for support and this time is no different. Whether your pet has fur or feathers, hooves or paws, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Our pets ground us, make us laugh, provide comfort and love us unconditionally through all the ups and downs. As a way to create a positive community of feel good pet stories, we’ll be posting your stories here. Our Healing Power of Pets posts will be dedicated to all the animals who are helping their humans by providing comfort and stability throughout the chaos.  If you’d like to submit your own  #HealingPowerofPets story, please email  Thank you!

Bentley & Laura

“Bentley, adopted at the New Hampshire SPCA 8 years ago, has been my life saver during such stressful and uncertain times.  He is recovering from ACL surgery and needs walks,  increasing in length, 3 times per day.  We have been out every day, no matter the weather, since the beginning of February.  This spot in the picture is walking distance from our house.  It’s a small, beautiful spot teeming with natural beauty.  We sit over the pond meditating, praying, listening to all kinds of birds, watching the carp swim, and the newly arrived blue heron.  Sitting with Mother Nature and Bentley helps me remember that all is right with the earth, and that Mother Nature will always find a way.

If it wasn’t for Bentley’s recovery, and my concern for him over me, we wouldn’t be taking these daily walks, recharging, re-centering and most definitely coping.”

Dusty Rose

My beautiful Cavachon, Dusty Rose, is the brightest part of my every single day.  I know that she somehow senses that the world is different now but not sure why or how.  She continues to support my husband and me.  She know that “we are all in this together”.  I love her with all my heart. “

Nox & Luna

“Since their adoption from the NHSPCA last July,  black cat sisters Nox & Luna have brought so much light into my life. Nothing turns around a tough day like being greeted at the door each day upon my return home and there are few things more heartwarming than the sight of a content cat in a spot of sunshine. Big, goofy Luna is always good for a laugh with her chatty, social nature and I can count on nightly snuggles with little Nox like clockwork. If there is a silver lining to the current state of things, it’s that I get to spend even more time with these two wonderful critters.”

Cha Cha, Lexi and Simba

“It is a difficult time for everyone however I can’t imagine not having the company of my two (rescue SPCA) dogs and cat during  this period of isolation.  

They are truly calming and comforting and keep me going with a purpose .  Besides daily grooming, feeding, and petting they are enjoying long walks often 3 times a day!  I have to laugh when we return home as they crash on the couch exhausted  but soon are ready for more!   I am In my mid  70’s , the vulnerable age for Corona, keeping  me much closer to home than I choose to be!

And being single I only see a neighbor or friend when outdoors and then those nasty New England rainy days arrive!  My chihuahua, loves the treadmill so again we are constant companions  exercising even when the rain keeps us inside.

So whether playing, walking, hanging  out on the couch, or tucked in bed….although alone…..I certainly never feel lonely.  I have three my best friends with me all the time!”


“My cat is master at getting cozy and when she does, I do too! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I often sit with her on my lap when I think of something to get up and go, but then realize the only thing I really have to do is sit calmly, and be cozy and still. It’s a true Rx to be calm and cozy and still. She also often sits in my knee, like cat reiki, which had replacement surgery a few months ago and her warmth and weight help it stay nice and straight! She seems to know when it’s tired and lays on or near it. She’s a gem! So are you folks for caring for all the animals you watch over. She’s from your Stratham shelter and I’m so happy we connected!”

Hunter & His New Baby Sister

“10 years ago, my now-husband adopted Hunter from the New Hampshire SPCA,  I was lucky enough to find them and join their family years later, and last week Hunter became a big brother! Hunter makes our hearts melt with how curious he becomes when his sister makes noises, and he brightens our days of social distancing by being the good, cuddly boy he is!”

Puppy Therapy

One way to get through and not dwell on the grim reality is to bring home an eight week old puppy. Too busy cleaning up puppy pee and chasing him around the condo to get depressed.  Best therapy ever. Here he is in a rare moment of relaxation


“…Times in the woods have been one of my life saving sanity moments during this pandemic.  As I am medical, work didn’t get remote for me– it came on full force in your face, hardly a moment to recuperate.  But gratefully habits die hard and we haven’t missed one day of our daily walks and runs in the woods.  Not sure that Dala enjoyed the 3:45 am alarm on days I had to be in at 6 am, but she always rose to the occasion.  I am so grateful that she came into our lives when she did. “