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Come Meet our Classroom Pets

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In our Humane Education classroom in the Learning Center, we try to have an example of most of the popular small animals that many people, especially children, tend to have for pets. We understand the appeal; pets confined to cages are usually easier than a dog that needs to be walked, a cat that needs to be kept off the kitchen counters or a horse whose stall needs to be mucked every day! But that doesn’t mean that the little caged animals don’t have very specific wants and needs. How we care for them can make a huge difference in their health and happiness. All of the small animals in our classroom are housed in the best cages, fed the most appropriate food and treats, and given much needed handling and exercise. 


We are happy to show visitors what it’s like to clean a hamster cage or provide chewing materials to a rabbit. We want you to know what to expect when you adopt a small animal to live in your home. 

Please come by and ask if you have any questions about toys, cages and housing, especially for those animals that you don’t see as often as others such as hedgehogs, chinchillas and degus. 

We believe that all animals deserve a comfortable, healthy and appropriate way of living.

Visiting with the animals is the favorite activity during our School Vacation CampsStorytime with the Animals and Junior Volunteers! For more information on these popular children's programs please visit our Humane Education page.

UPDATED. Advocacy Alert! Animal Cruelty Prevention Bill

UPDATED: MARCH 8, 2018Both Senate Bill 451 to ban the trade of parts from 12 imperiled wildlife species AND SB 569-FN to protect dogs in commercial breeding kennels and pass a Cost of Animal Care law have passed the NH Senate! Senate Bill 451 passed unanimously and SB 569 passed 19-5 showing the strong bipartisan [...]

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Reading Recommendations from the Behavior and Training Department

Looking for additional resources on dog behavior? Our professionally certified trainers at the New Hampshire SPCA Behavior and Training Center recommend the following books: “Being a Dog: Following the Dog in to a World of Smell”  By Alexandra Horowitz Have you ever been curious just why it is often so difficult to get your dog in after a quick potty walk? [...]

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New Hampshire Humane Lobby Day

RSVP Now! New Hampshire Humane Lobby DayMarch 28, 2018Special guests: Senate Majority Leader, Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro)—sponsor of the cruelty overhaul bill—and Sen. David Watters (D-Dover)—sponsor of wildlife trafficking billHumane Lobby Day, the biggest day of the year for animals—and animal advocates—in New Hampshire, is almost here!This is one day when you can band together with other [...]

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Thank You Plungers!

With another Doggie Paddle Plunge in the books, we reflect on what makes this event so great. From the participants, to the donors, to the sponsors, this level of teamwork allows us to continue the critical work we do. Without the support and effort of all of you, we would not be able to remain an open admission, unlimited [...]

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​Why Should You Take The Plunge?

The thought of jumping in the ocean in the middle of winter may not sound appealing to most but to some people, it’s worth it for the cause.Jen Frey has been a Doggie Paddle ‘Plunger’ since the beginning. This will be her 8th year diving into the frigid Atlantic for the animals. Why, you may ask, would someone continue to [...]

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Volunteers To Stay in Dog House Overnight to Raise Awareness

NHSPCA Staff Member and Local Animal Control Officer to Stay in Dog House Overnightto raise awareness of the concerns associated with dogs in dog houses during extreme winter temperaturesWhere: New Hampshire SPCA, 104 Portsmouth Ave, Stratham, NH 03885When: February 12, 2018; 6:00 p.m.- 6:00 a.m. (may end sooner if conditions warrant)Why: The purpose of this [...]

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Animal Welfare Legislative Updates

The last six weeks have been very challenging. We have been inundated with 55 animals required to be held in protective custody. Though out of harm’s way, this is not how our beloved companions should spend the next weeks or months of their lives. Being held as evidence for the courts can last much too [...]

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Recent Rescue: 21 Abandoned Animals in Exeter home

 NEW HAMPSHIRE SPCA ASSISTS EXETER ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER IN RESCUE OF 21 ABANDONED ANIMALS-Financial Strain of 55 Animals in Protective CustodyStratham, NH – On Friday, January 12, the Field Services Division of the New Hampshire SPCA assisted the Exeter NH Animal Control Officer in removing 21 abandoned animals from a home on Wanda Lane. The [...]

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Recent Rescue: Bristol, NH

UPDATE January 4, 2018.   22 more German Shepherds rescued in Alexandria, NH and now in protective custody at the New Hampshire SPCA.Read news story hereAs court cases can take weeks and possibly months, the New Hampshire SPCA is asking for the public’s assistance in caring for this new group of rescued animals. If you would [...]

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