As we approach the start of expansion for our Capital Campaign this winter, we are actively seeking qualified foster homes for the fall/winter of 2019 and into the spring of 2020 for many of our current equine residents. Building construction, increased traffic and the redesigning of our shelter will be a significant stressor for many of our outdoor animals. In an effort to keep our horses safe and stress-free during this transition period, we would like to place them in short term foster homes in the seacoast area. We anticipate that as our facility grows, so will our equine population and foster opportunities may extend beyond this initial construction period.

Equine fosters play a vital role in the stability, training and care of many of our horses. Horses who are good candidates for foster homes may need weight gain, on-going medical treatment provided by our equine veterinarian, hands-on training and/or a safe place to rest and recuperate. Foster homes should be well-versed in equine management and feel confident handling, feeding, cleaning and monitoring horses. Fosters play an integral role in the eventual permanent placement of their fostered horse- assisting the equine program by observing their fostered horse in a more traditional barn environment and working with the program manager to introduce the horse to prospective adopters.

Fostering a horse in need is a deeply fulfilling, enriching experience. Reach out to our Equine and Farm Program for details regarding our horse foster program and/or complete an equine foster application available on our website.

See the rehabilitation process in real time- consider opening your heart and home to an NHSPCA foster horse.

Horse and Farm Animal Foster Application

For additional information please call 603-772-2921 x 124 or email [email protected]  Thank you!