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See progress updates on the development and construction of our buildings and campus as part of our Campaign for Changing Times.

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Why The Need For Change?

“The needs of our animals and our community are changing. Demand for New Hampshire SPCA’s services is increasing. To continue our mission of saving lives and preventing animal cruelty, we must act now. We need to be prepared to respond to the animals and people who are in need of our aid.

While our plans are ambitious, our community and its animals deserve nothing less.”
-Lisa Dennison, Executive Director

Click here to read more from Lisa Dennison, and meet our Campaign Co-Chairs, Jo Lamprey and Karen Grover.

Critical Campaign Elements

The New Hampshire SPCA has launched a transformative project with significant investments in three key areas:

Developing nine acres of land to expand equine and farm animal rescue and provide year-round training and rehabilitation.

Upgrading current facilities to provide superior medical care, quarantine space, and community programming areas.

Ensuring financial stability, supporting current programs and developing new programs, and recruiting and retaining the most talented and capable staff members.

Today, through this exciting initiative, we are laying the foundation for compassionate animal care for years to come. There is still time to join. Click below to take part in this transformational effort.

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Acquire and develop adjacent land to increase capacity for equine and farm animals. Our plans include building an indoor horse arena and a new horse barn with additional stalls.  The arena will provide appropriate and safe space for staff to evaluate, rehabilitate, and train horses’ year-round, increasing adoptability.


We are looking to adapt and improve several areas of our existing facilities. The Adoption and Learning Center is inadequate to meet the changing needs of animals and our community. To meet those needs, we are planning to remodel our existing space to allow for:

  • a low-cost, publicly facing medical clinic
  • improved animal housing
  • flexible quarantine space
  • A second classroom for expanded humane education opportunities for kids and adults of all ages and abilities.


With the need for additional space, more animals to care for, and rising costs of care; our annual expenses are expected to increase. To create greater financial security for the future, we must develop a reliable income stream in addition to our annual community fundraising. Increasing the investment in our endowment will provide a more predictable income to support core programs like cruelty investigation and intervention, humane education, and high quality animal care.

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“We are embarking on a critically important time for the New Hampshire SPCA and the animals we serve. As the oldest and largest animal rescue organization in New Hampshire, it is our responsibility to ensure we are able to respond to the needs of today and be prepared for the needs of future.”

– Joshua Scott, Esq., President NHSPCA Board of Directors

Fundraising Goals

Expansion = $2.4M

Enhancements =$4.0M

Endowment = $2.8M

Total fundraising goal = $9.2M

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Our Mission

To save the lives of companion animals through rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption; to promote learning, eliminate animal cruelty and be a leader in advancing the highest standards of animal welfare.

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Additional Campaign Information

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Today, through this campaign, we are laying the foundation for compassionate animal care for generations to come.

Join us and make a positive difference in our community and animal welfare

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