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Help Animals Get Adopted!

  • Contact the Humane Education Department at 603-772-2921 ext. 113 about making posters or taking pictures of the pets that need a new home. Distribute these pictures in your school and/or neighborhood to help the animals at the Adoption Center get new homes.

  • Help educate new adopters about proper pet care and provide a goodie bag to take home. Use gallon size Ziploc® bags and fill them with samples of food, toys and treats for a dog, cat or other pet. Add a picture that you’ve drawn and write a one page story about proper pet care for that pet. Put all the items in the bag and label it. Bring to the Humane Ed classroom and it will be distributed to new adopters. Here are some ideas to write about in your story:

    • Cats and dogs need an ID tag
    • Love and attention are very important to all pets
    • Cats need at least 10 minutes of playtime daily from their owners
    • Learn what your dog is trying to say to you through body language which make you and your dog better companions
    • Cats stay healthier and live longer indoors
    • Dogs need to be walked or run everyday
    • Rabbits like to be with their people indoors
    • Most rabbits can be litterbox trained
    • Rabbit-proof your house since they need to chew
    • Rats make very good, friendly pets You can also get pet care facts from the library, Animal Planet TV shows, the Internet or books you may have at home.

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