The shelter environment can be really, really hard on some animals. Sometimes, we welcome animals who are more adaptable than others and for them, being here is pretty manageable. Others come in and politely sit in their discomfort for just a few days… some for weeks, or even months… putting on a brave face and doing their best to soak up the love from our staff and volunteers.

And then there are dogs like Maggie and Maiya. Though they came in separately, they have much in common: They’re a steadfast type of friend… they don’t know how to love if not completely… and they were so deeply bonded to their people, being here without them is entirely and utterly distressing.

The good news? These two lost souls have found a little sliver of home in each other.

Maggie is everything you’d dream of in a German Shepherd — but to sweeten the pot a bit, she has an incredibly endearing underbite. This 5-year-old sweetheart has spent the majority of her life with one family, and boy, does she miss them… so much so that she searches the parking lot for their car on every walk. Maggie not only misses her people, but her dog sibling, who was described in her surrender paperwork as Maggie’s best friend. She’s loyal, intelligent, and loves to play fetch. She has the gentlest demeanor, does well with other dogs (but needs a cat-free home), and has lived with older children.

We’d say Maiya’s displeasure of being here is written all over her face, but that’s… just her face. This 6-year-old Boxer/Pit mix has only ever known one home, one family. She’s social and polite with people, respectful with other dogs, and has lived with children. Maiya is also crate trained and listens to direction well, from both humans and other dogs. She’s a low-to-mid energy kinda girl, just as happy romping around in the pen with another dog — especially if it’s Maggie! — as she is snuggled up underneath her blankets.

We currently have a jam-packed Dog Pavilion, and these two girls are in their own little suite out back away from all the activity… but they are available for adoption! If you’d like to make a world of difference to a dog who is really going through it — and be given an endless amount of love, affection and loyalty in return — please, come in and ask about Maggie and/or Maiya.

Please note, these girls are not a bonded pair and do not need to be adopted together — and if one is adopted before the other, they have plenty of other dog friends here to help them get by! However, if you are looking for two dogs that get along well, we’d feel great about sending these girls home together.

Can you help us get these girls home as soon as possible? Our Adoption Center is open 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day except Wednesday (closed). We hope to see you soon!