Stratham, NH – On Wednesday, December 8th, the New Hampshire SPCA assisted the Kensington Police Department in the removal of 67 cats from a home in Kensington, NH. The cats are now in the care and custody of the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, NH.

“The cats were living in a home that was clearly overrun,” said Steve Sprowl, Field Services Manager for the NHSPCA.  “The condition of the cats has not been determined as yet.  Our veterinarian will be evaluating them all over the next few days.”

The initial call from the Kensington Police was to assist with the removal of 25 cats.  Over the course of the day, more and more cats came out of hiding. Eventually the total was 67, nearly 3 times the number we had prepared for. *Returning to the house the next day we recovered an additional 7 cats bringing the total to 74 felines. 

“We just cut the ribbon on our expanded campus on Saturday after just receiving our Certificate of Occupancy last Wednesday,” said Lisa Dennison, Executive Director.  “Just 1 week later, we are using every single inch of that new space to quarantine and isolate this very large volume of cats. Our staff is working hard to create new protocols for our expanded spaces, and are now going to be caring for these 70 + cats in addition to all of the other animals already in the building.”

All the cats are black and white, and it appears at this stage that they are friendly. Those interested in adoption are asked to watch our website,, for more information.  Due to the sheer volume of animals now in our care we will not be able to respond to phone inquiries at this time.

The cats vary in age from young kittens with their Mom’s to many adults.  This process of evaluating, treating and eventually rehoming this many animals will likely take months, especially at this time of year.

The New Hampshire SPCA is asking for the community’s assistance in caring for these kitties. If you would like to help with the cost of care and to help ensure their recovery, please make a tax-deductible contribution to the SOS FUND by going to  A direct link to the SOS Fund .  Gifts to the SOS Fund can also be made by phone at 603-772-2921 x 102 or by mail:  New Hampshire SPCA, PO Box 196, Stratham, NH  03885.

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