In-Person and Virtual Professional Private Consultation 

Does your dog have specific behavior issues* you need one-on-one assistance with? Not sure about taking a class and want professional advice? The NHSPCA professional positive reinforcement trainers can provide a private consultation with you and your dog to get you started in the right direction and keep you on a steady path to training success. Consultations for specific behavior problems are available by appointment.

*Please note:  Our training team does not currently handle separation anxiety as part of our training program.  

The charge for a one-on-one private session with one of our qualified/certified trainers is $75 for an hour.

We also offer a package deal for 3 or more private sessions. Just add three or more training dates to your cart, and the discount of $30 ($10 off per session) will automatically apply!

Scroll down to check availability and book your appointment.

Important – Vaccination information is required: Vaccine records will be requested during the registration process. All pets must be current on core vaccinations in order to attend any classes or programs at the NHSPCA. Core vaccinations include: canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. Please speak with your veterinarian about the appropriateness of non-core vaccines (which include Bordetella and Lepto).  If unable to upload, please email them to

Please email for further assistance or resources that can assist you and your dog.

Our staff trainers have different focuses for canine behaviors.  See the reference guide below to help select which trainer would be better equipped to handle your training needs. Important to note that our training team does not currently handle separation anxiety as part of our training program.   If you are unsure, just ask at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring to the Private Training Consult?

    1. Flat Collar or Harness and 6-foot leash 

    Please Note: We do not allow the use of choke, prong or electronic collars or flexi-type, retractable leashes in class. Our trainers would be happy to recommend other training tools if your dog is having trouble.

    2. Treats: We suggest cheese, hot dogs or chicken.

    3. Water: Please feel free to bring water and dish for your pet to drink out of.

    5. Appropriate Shoes: We suggest sneakers or boots for training.

  • What are your training methods?

    At NHSPCA we are dedicated to the use of positive reinforcement training to modify difficult behaviors and teach new and better behavior. Based on the science of learning theory and classical conditioning, the methods used at NHSPCA are proven effective in all species from dolphins to great apes and rats to humans. We reward behaviors we like to increase the likelihood of them occurring and manage or remove rewards for the behaviors we don’t like. The use of reward based training serves to grow the bond between you and your dog and improve communication across species.