Looking for a feline friend who loves attention and playtime? Charlie might be the perfect match for you!

This gorgeous 11-year-old Russian Blue came to us when she wasn’t getting along with the newborn infant in the house. When Charlie first arrived, she was understandably overwhelmed and reclusive. However, now that she has acclimated to her new environment, her loving personality is on full display.

Charlie has the luxury of having an entire room to herself, and she certainly makes the most of it. She loves to sit on the windowsills, watching people pass by and enjoying her view of the adoption center.

Anyone who visits Charlie is sure to be greeted by her at the door, even if she’s napping. The moment she hears the door start to creak open, she’ll immediately jump up and run over to greet you. She’s an affectionate gal who loves being pet and snuggling on warm laps. Despite her senior age, she displays bursts of kitten-like energy, batting playfully at her feather toys and pipe cleaners.

She has previously lived with dogs and cats but tended to avoid both of these species. Charlie is eager to get outta here and spend the rest of her days alongside a loving family. Could that be yours?

Stop by our adoption centers open hours from 11am – 4pm every day except Wednesday (closed) or email us at info@nhspca.org.

This adoptable pet feature is brought to you by our generous Furball Friend Sponsor, Elevator Engineering. Join us for Paws Walk, Sunday, June 2nd at Stratham Hill Park and help save more animals like Charlie!