He’s in our head, in our shelter ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE! And he wants to be in your home, in your home – ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE!

The first thing you’ll likely notice about 13-year-old Zombie are his paws, which are as large as baseball mitts! We seriously think this guy could play catcher for the Red Sox with the paws he’s got on him. However, his physical attributes alone do not define him, as there is a lot to love about Zombie.

Let’s begin with his name — I mean, how cool is the name Zombie? It’s definitely not a name you come across every day, especially for an animal. In fact, if we had a nickel for every time we’ve had a cat named ‘Zombie’ in our care, we’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.

It’s also an interesting name because, personality-wise, he is everything you would expect to be the opposite of what comes to mind when you think of a ‘Zombie’. He’s actually a super sweet and friendly guy who is just looking to be friends with everyone he meets.

Zombie can often be found napping in his little hidey-house, but will immediately wake up and run over to meet whoever comes into his area. He’s a very talkative boy and is never afraid to let you know his thoughts with the most adorable old man meow you’ve ever heard. He loves human attention and will often headbutt to seek it, but he can become overstimulated when pet in certain areas. Don’t worry though because he will be sure to let you know when he’s had enough loving.  Zombie also enjoys playing with string toys and licking Churu treats (yum!).

Zombie is looking to live out his golden years filled with lots of love and affection. Can you help him with that?

Come meet him during our Adoption Center’s open hours from 11am – 4pm every day except Wednesday (closed) or email us at info@nhspca.org.

This adoptable pet feature is brought to you by our generous Cool Cat Sponsor ICL Autos and their locations Audi Stratham, Honda Stratham, and Porsche Stratham. Join us for Paws Walk, Sunday, June 2nd at Stratham Hill Park and help save more animals like Zombie!