Meet Dakota (chocolate brown) and Granite (grey), a pair of 20-year-old Australian Miniature Horses. They came to us after their longtime owner made the difficult but necessary decision to surrender them due to health issues that left him unable to care for them.

Both horses are an absolute pleasure to be around. They are friendly toward humans, often following their caretakers around the paddock like puppies seeking attention. Dakota is the more dominant of the two and typically takes the lead in exploring, with Granite following closely behind. Both are well-behaved gentlemen with no bad habits, making them easy keepers for anyone lucky enough to adopt them.

They also enjoy being housed near other farm animals such as goats or other big horses, often watching them curiously from their paddock. Dakota and Granite are very easy to handle and enjoy being lead. Whenever we move them into different paddocks across our campus, they do this adorable little march with their hooves that never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

The two can be adopted together or separately, provided their new home has another horse to accompany them, as they both greatly enjoy having a companion nearby.

Interested in adopting Dakota and/or Granite? Please email our Farm Manager, Michelle, at

This adoptable pet feature is brought to you by our generous Furball Friend Sponsor, Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Tina Duffy. Join us for Paws Walk, Sunday, June 2nd at Stratham Hill Park and help save more animals like Dakota and Granite.