Fostering: Short time commitment, big time difference!

Every so often I have the pleasure of caring for some of the babies here. Recently I had the honor of caring for five such munchkins. My family and I took care of a litter of kittens that were found under a porch and brought to the Adoption Center. They were approximately four weeks old with tiny paws and sweet innocent eyes. Their cry could melt anyone’s heart and they melted mine. It was with great enthusiasm at home that we agreed to help raise these babies until they were old enough to be adopted.  So they were piled into a crate for the journey and we left together at the end of the day.

It had been a few years since we had fostered as we had added a new puppy to our mix and I had forgotten how much fun it could be. Every morning the kittens now named Tux, Tippy, Butterscotch, Aslan and Pickle would rise and explore their temporary world at our house. First it was just their crate but in a couple of hours, a bigger world was created. Over the next few days, a variety of toys and a climbing structure were added to create both entertainment and exercise options. Then there were our dogs who desperately wanted to play with them…

We are one of many families who have opened their arms and their hearts to caring for our babies as they take the time to grow and be ready to find their forever homes. Some are fed every few hours in their first weeks of life, some have moms with their litters and some come alone and join another litter for warmth and company. They would all linger in a cage, without the chance to run and play if it weren’t for our foster families.

Though most don’t know it, we have all kinds of animals in foster care. Some are horses who are enjoying their final years, some are dogs recuperating from surgeries and some are the babies I mentioned above. It takes all kinds of support to prepare the animals in our care for new homes. It’s medical care, surgeries, behavioral support, constant and lots of TLC – and that’s where you come in…

If you ever thought that this was another way to get involved, give us a call. We would welcome widening our circle of compassion.

On behalf of the animals,

Lisa Dennison, Executive Director

Learn more about becoming a volunteer or a foster family here.