This is the story of a little girl’s connection to the New Hampshire SPCA and her sweet kittens.

On August 6, 2015, I went to the Chester Library for an interactive live animal story time with two Humane Education foster kittens, Squid and Guppy, and our classroom rabbit, Scully. I met a child and her mother, who told me they had been wanting to adopt a male short haired kitten; however, both Guppy and Squid were long haired females.

After learning about the rest of the litter back at the NHSPCA, Maddie and her mother decided to visit the classroom and ended up adopting a kitten named Clementine.

Sadly, Clementine’s companion cat passed shortly after she was brought home and Clementine was lonely.  Maddie and her mother visited the Humane Education classroom again and fell in love with a kitten named O’Malley. O’Malley was the most mischievous and active kitten to have graced the classroom with his presence. Many, many times I said, “O’Malley what are you doing now?” or “How did you get up there?”

The happiness in knowing that O’Malley was going to such a kind and loving forever home was priceless.

The following year, Maddie celebrated her seventh birthday in the classroom. It was a pleasure to host her party and see her happiness when cuddling the foster kittens. Maddie shared stories of the love and often tomfoolery O’Malley and Clementine would get into!

Not knowing if or when I would see Maddie again, I was overjoyed to see her for the 2019 NHSPCA Summer Camp. She shared that Clementine and O’Malley were both well and yes, O’Malley was still full of play and friskiness.

With great delight, we were able to see Maddie once again for the 2021 July Summer Camp, and she once again shared her tales of O’Malley and Clementine. This year, Madelyn was joined by her best friend, Ella. Ella shared her friend’s love of animals and we were overjoyed when she adopted Cash, one of our rabbits available for adoption, the Saturday immediately following camp.

Maddie’s care and knowledge of companion animals has grown over the past six years. She remembers all she has learned at camp, spent time with us for her birthday parties and a lot more! It is such an honor to be a small part of watching Maddie grow and continue her relationship with the NHSPCA and her shared love and dedication to animals.

We can’t wait to see what great things Maddie has in store for her future.

Elizabeth Segeberg, Humane Educator