Meet Charlie- Charlie is a beautiful 5.5 year old, medium sized female dog who has not had the easiest year. Charlie has been living a shelter life since January, and she cannot wait to have a new home of her own.

We have faith that Charlie’s adopter is out there, looking to offer a dog like Charlie a wonderful life. Because Charlie lived many years with her previous family, we know Charlie has a history, which has shaped the type of home she needs to thrive in the next chapter of her life. Charlie is looking for a home free other dogs, so she can get the attention she deserves. She has a prey- drive with small animals and cats, so for the safety of all animals, Charlie should be the only animal at home. Charlie’s previous home included a young child, which was very scary and stressful for Charlie, so an adult only home is also an important request. Charlie’s new family will hopefully have previous experience with reactive dogs, and have the skills to continue to boost Charlie’s confidence when meeting new people, and walking on leash.

Charlie walks well with her harness, and enjoys continuing her basic training with positive reinforcement. Searching for an Animal-Free, Child-Free home with previous dog experience may be a challenging task, but we know when Charlie’s adopters find her, they will fall in love with her sweet side, and stunning looks.

Charlie is truly the sweetest gal once she makes a connection, and is comfortable with her people. At home, Charlie is a fairly easy keeper. She is always eager for a snuggle session, and will never turn down belly rubs. She will be your loyal companion as you work from home, or will snooze on her bed and patiently wait for her family to get home from work.

Charlie has a smile that will light up the darkest days, and gives great hugs when she can sense someone really needs one. Charlie will never pass up the chance to go for a car ride, especially if there is a drive-thru treat available. She would be content with a fenced in yard to bask in the mid-day sun, or a life of nature walks and exploring the great outdoors.

She will just be happy to spend time with her people, in a loving home of her own. Are you the adopter Charlie has been searching for?

Please contact [email protected] for more information on Charlie, and our Virtual Adoption program!