Thank you to all the wonderful families that came out to adopt on Clear the Shelters. The weather was humid and uncomfortable and the lines were long, but everyone was so patient and positive! We appreciate every single one of you, and thank you for making this day a success. 41 homeless animals found families at this event. Along with lots of puppies and kittens, we are thrilled that 15 adult cats, two birds and 4 adult dogs that were considered “harder to place” found wonderful families too!

Here are some of our favorite moments from the day:

Joey and Jax [pictured above] are two brothers that will remain together in their new home. Their new family had intended to visit with just one dog, but when they saw them snuggled up together, they couldn’t bear to separate them.

Molly’s family adopted Lovey, a three legged cat last year at our Clear The Shelter Event. See her special interview with NBC Boston’s Katherine Underwood.  Molly and her parents came back this year to add a kitten to their family!  Molly was prepared to wait in line, sporting a specially designed t-shirt that said, “Kitten Campout 2018” .  She is pictured above with her new Kitten, she named Sugar.

Our very first adoption of the day was Noir, a shy adult black cat.  One of our goals with this adoption event was to bring awareness to older animals that often go overlooked, especially when there are dozens of adorable kittens available.  We are thrilled that this family chose give a second chance to an older cat that had been waiting a long time for a home.  When asked why they chose Noir, they said “Adopting an adult cat makes our hearts proud.  Everyone loves kittens, but we really wanted to help an older cat.”


This going home image of  Quincey ( a senior pet)  and her new family captures the heart of everything we do.  The smiles on their faces says it all.