BRRR!  With the winter weather on us in full, we want to pass on some important tips to keep your pets safe and sound this time of year.

  • Keep your ID tags on your dog(s) at all times. While this is important to do all year, this is even more important now because your six foot fenced in yard now only has a four foot fence, something your dog could be able to jump over. ID tags or microchipping are an effective safety tool in case your dog decides to wander out of your yard.  If you do let your dog out into a fenced in yard, be sure and check the fence often as it may be damaged due to the snow or wind.
  • Be sure and wipe off your dog’s paws after a nice walk around the neighborhood, salt and deicers can cause burns or irritations on your dog’s pads that be uncomfortable.
  • If you do let your dog run outside on your property, be sure he has a doghouse that he can go in and keep warm, not only does this keep your dog protected from the elements; it is required under state law.
  • For your equines, be sure they have a barn or a three sided structure with a roof facing south that they can be put into in case the elements turn worse. Having an ample supply of clean, dry hay will also allow them to keep their “internal furnace” going. All horses shall have available a sufficient quantity of fresh water to maintain hydration.

This time of year we take in many calls about animals without shelter due to the weather conditions. It’s important to remember that dogs are required to have a doghouse that they can go in, turn around, lay down and retain their body heat. Equines are required to have a three sided structure with a roof, or a barn from November 1st to April 15th. All animals are required to have proper food, water and shelter. Should you see an animal without shelter, or you feel is being neglected, please make the call and make a confidential report. Be their voice.

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