We often receive requests for financial assistance with veterinary care. While the NHSPCA is not in the position to assist pet owners with their veterinary care expenses, there are other resources available.

Please visit Speaking For Spot for additional information.

In addition to our Low Cost Rabies Clinics at the NHSPCA, local pet stores frequently have vaccination clinics at their store locations. Check out local store information for Petlife or PetCo to see about what they are offering.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

The NHSPCA strongly encourages spaying or neutering of pets to help with overpopulation. Spaying or neutering will not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, it will also make your pet healthier and live longer. To help our community we offer low- cost feline spay/ neuter clinic at our shelter.

The NHSPCA offers low cost spay neuter clinics. We provide several different programs based on financial need so please call for pricing. Fees include a physical exam, spay or neuter and a nail trim. Rabies vaccines, microchipping and flea/tick preventative are also available. Payment for clinics is required in full at the time of registration. Cash and credit card only please.

For additional information, or to register, please call:
603-772-2921 ext. 147 or ext. 123.

Questions? Contact us here.


Food Share Program

Our Food Share Program Can Help Keep A Pet In His Home

Not having enough money to feed yourself, let alone your pets, can create a lot of anxiety in a person’s life. Priorities may create the thought for some, that the first thing they should do is “lighten the load.” Animals always seem to be the first reasonable choice.

Often however, trying times can be temporary and, with a little assistance and time to think things over, a pet owner in need can make it through.

Keeping animals in their homes benefits both the NHSPCA and the owner. An owner can keep their pet and the NHSPCA has more room for other pets in need.

By sharing food, we have developed a way to help a pet owner get through a tight patch in their lives.

Contact us for more information.


Emergency Resources for Horse Owners

The New Hampshire SPCA is a safety net for homeless horses and farm animals in NH.  As one of the few animal shelters equipped to take in large animals, our paddocks are always overflowing with horses in desperate need of help.  During the COVID- 19 crisis, we anticipate an even greater need for assistance for horse owners.  To avoid surrenders, we have developed the following  resources for those in need of short- term support due to COVID-19 related illness, financial instability or hardship.

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Community Wellness Clinics

Funded through proceeds from the New Hampshire SPCA’s Annual Auction in 2016, a Maddie’s Fund Grant and support from the Fuller Foundation, the Community Wellness Program is specifically designed for individuals with pets living in affordable housing and retirement communities that might not otherwise be able to obtain regular wellness checks for their furry companions. We work with Resident Service Coordinators within housing communities and associations in the NH seacoast to coordinate a clinic day to provide wellness exams, vaccines and other preventative services for pets.

While not a replacement for a visit to a veterinarian to treat an emergency, illness, or disease, the Community Wellness Program can offer an overall exam and vaccines to help maintain the health of companion animals and the quality of life for their owners.

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