Please make sure the animal you have found is truly a lost pet. Make every effort to find the animal’s owner before you surrender it to a shelter.

A stray dog or cat may have ID tags with an owner’s name and number to call. Contact your local police station to report the found pet; its owner may have already called them to report it missing. Most towns employ an Animal Control officer or ACO, find out if yours does and call them. Often these are part-time employees so be sure to leave a message with a detailed description of the pet and location it was found. Call us for assistance at (603) 772-2921 x110.

Please fill out Lost/Found Report as many people call us when pets go missing.

It is illegal to keep a stray animal and not report it to the police department. Animals are property under New Hampshire law and thus any found property must be reported to the police department that has jurisdiction where it was found. There is also a stolen dog law in New Hampshire; 466:42-a Stealing Dogs, etc. – Whoever wrongfully removes the collar from or steals a dog licensed and collared as aforesaid shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.